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Fluid Layers

The Cut

A layered haircut is a flattering way to show off lush, healthy hair. From smooth and sleek to beachy waves to top knots and braids, this women’s haircut can be styled a variety of ways. This look works for straight hair or curly hair, and is created with layers throughout the mid-lengths and ends for softness, volume and natural hair movement. The layers can be tailored to compliment all face shapes, and works best at shoulder length or longer.
Sexy Hair Style Sexy Hair Slept In

The Styling

To create a smooth but textured look, begin by towel drying to remove excess moisture. Apply a small amount of Sexy Hair Style Sexy Hair Slept In texturizing product into hands and work through hair. Blow dry. For more texture, spray hair lightly with Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Hairspray. Use a flat iron to straighten the layers, or create soft waves with the flat iron by pulling it half way down the length, then twisting the iron and pulling it the rest of the length.

Hair Types

Wavy, Straight, Normal-to-Thick

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Style Tip
Wet hair is prone to breaking. Never rub wet hair when you towel dry. Wrap your hair and squeeze out the excess water.
Style Tip