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Taper Clipper Cut

The Cut

For a look that’s neat and clean but can be styled to have some personality, a taper clipper cut is a great option. It’s a cut that’s short but not too short.

To create the look, your stylist will use a clipper to cut the sides and back to 3/4 of an inch. Next, the top is trimmed and blended in with the sides and back for a smooth transition. The style’s completed with a sharp neckline that continues over the ears and to the sideburns.

blossom jojoba silky volumizing mousse

The Styling

To create shape and add some control without that crisp, stiff-feeling texture, try a light mousse like Blossom Jojoba Silky Volumizing Mousse.

Hair Types

Wavy, Texture, Thick

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