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Winter weather not only changes the look and feel of our skin, but it also makes a difference in the look and feel of hair. Dry air makes for dry hair and a parched scalp. When the temperature plunges, swap out your summertime hair products for ones that will quench your hair’s thirst and keep it soft and manageable until spring’s thaw. Just be sure to choose the right replacements for winter based on your hair type.


Fine to medium

Fine to medium hair will benefit from volumizing products during regular weather patterns, but when the air gets dry, the deep cleanse of a volume shampoo can cause the scalp to feel dry and itchy. And adding too much moisture to fine hair creates limp, weighted down hair that is hard to style. Find a balance by using volumizing products but switch out your usual shampoo for a lightweight moisturizing shampoo like designline Moisture or Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo. They’ll deliver just enough moisture to combat the dry air while keeping hair soft and manageable.

designline Moisture Shampoo
Winter air can leave your scalp feeling dry and itchy. A moisturizing shampoo, like designline Moisture, can help.
designline Silk Drops
Coarse hair is especially prone brittleness in the winter months. Add a hair oil, like designline Silk Drops, to your cold-weather routine.


Having coarse hair in dry air is a challenge. Because the hair shaft naturally lacks moisture, dry air is especially harsh on it. Applying a weekly deep moisturizing treatment like designline Hydrating Balm or Biolage Hydrosource Mask will help maintain the shine and flexibility of your hair. If you feel like daily shampooing is making your hair and scalp dry, go two or more days without sudsing it in the shower and use a dry shampoo instead. It will refresh your hair and scalp, while allowing the scalp’s natural oils to work into dry areas. Using a hair oil as part of your styling regimen can also combat dryness. A product like Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Oil provides lightweight moisture and conditioning.



Curly hair, like coarse hair, already has a dry feel to it due to the added curl texture. Be sure to add a deep moisturizing conditioner and oil recommended for coarse hair. If you want to skip the shampoo altogether, try a cleansing conditioner like Biolage Cleansing Conditioner for Curly Hair. It will keep your hair smooth and shiny without the drying effect of detergents.


Even though the arrival of winter changes the weather, it doesn’t have to change how your hair looks and feels. After your next visit with your SmartStyle stylist, pick up these nourishing products so you’ll keep loving your hair all season long.

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