What's the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone?


Hair color is a unique and personal statement. Whether you’re fiery red or soft, buttery blonde, your hue says a lot about you. Selecting the right color, though, involves more consideration than pointing to a picture in a magazine of a hair color you like. Choosing the right shade can highlight your best features and draw attention away from skin concerns like sallowness or ruddiness. The wrong color, however, can make your skin looked washed out, tired, and even older.


For ivory skin

In general, the lighter your skin tone, the paler you can go with your hair. So if you have cool, fair skin, and have always wanted to go platinum—we say, go for it.

Blue-based colors, including platinum, champagne blonde, and flaxen, flatter ivory complexions. Your SmartStyle stylist can present you with a range of options that will look best on you.

Hair model with red hair
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For medium skin

If you have medium skin tone, you have more flexibility. Medium skin can complement a wide variety of shades and high-contrast highlights. Medium skin can be cool or warm. Cool tones look best with darker blondes or walnut brown, while warmer tones love caramels and coppers.

Olive skin is a perfect match for intense browns and other earthy tones. Subtle highlights can add depth if you choose the right shade.


For darker skin

If you have dark skin tone, you want to create contrast between your hair and skin color. If your shades are too similar, your facial features can get lost.

Blue-based complexions look best with jet black and espresso tones. Warm skin tones are complemented by toffee, mahogany, and other warm colors.


Time for a change?

If you’re looking for a hair color change, we highly recommend stopping in to a SmartStyle salon for a professional assessment. We offer complimentary consultations, where we’ll go over an array of color options with you and recommend shades best suited for you based on your skin tone, eye color, and preference.

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