Style on the Run: Weekend Getaway Tips

Thinking of skipping town for a long weekend? Whether you’re heading out with friends, family, or a special someone, you’ll want to make sure you look your absolute best. After all, part of weekend getaway fun is getting your style right for all of you activities—and, of course, taking amazing pictures. Need some Insta-worthy inspiration for your lovely locks? Try these quick-and-easy hair hacks to breeze through the weekend.


Lighten your load

When it comes to actually packing for your weekend getaway, the struggle is real. You want to tote enough products to get you through any foreseeable—and unforeseeable—situation, but you don’t want to drag around a bunch of unnecessary itemsespecially in the era of sky-high baggage fees. Pick up travel-size options of all your favorite products, plus whatever you think you’ll need to protect and treat your hair, like Biolage Colorlast Shampoo and Conditioner, at your new destination, at your SmartStyle salon. Not only is this a great way to save space, travel-size bottles are also a fantastic, budget-friendly way to experiment with new products and switch up your routine.

Hair model with blonde hair
Don't let your beauty supplies take up half your luggage. Pack travel-size versions of your favorite products—or try some new ones.
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Don't wash-and-style every day of a trip. Dry shampoo can help revitalize your day two (and three) styles. 

Minimum fuss, maximum fun

Want to spend more time sightseeing, and less on styling? Consider playing with wet hairstyles to cut your drying time, or opt for accessories to make day-two hair "chic." Sleek ponies and wrapped buns are styles that look great when wet, so you can wash-and-go from one activity to the next without skipping a beat. Simply towel-dry post-shower, and apply a styling gel, like Sexy Hair Style Sexy Hair Not So Hard Up Gel, before brushing into a tight updo—or a loosely-coiled low bun—for a style that looks polished when wet, and gorgeous once dry.


Itching to accessorize? Pack a sun hat to compliment your favorite outfits of the weekend. Not only will it add flare to your style, but also protect your hair from harmful UV rays, keeping it safe from the sun (and taking your selfie game to the next level).


Styling for the weekend

Want to maximize your vacay time? Minimize your shower hours with a tangle-free, "easy like Sunday morning" look that can turn heads all weekend. Get the fuss out of the way with a wash-and-style on Friday. Just shampoo and condition with your favorite professional products, then blow-dry into your preferred style. Worried the weather is going to wreak havoc with your hair? Wrap your hair lightly with a silk bandana or wrap to maintain shape. The next morning, spritz with DESIGNLINE Dry Shampoo Style Refresher to bring some life back into your locks. Repeat the process on day three, or if your hair is looking a bit limp, try a braid or updo for a fresh new take on your recycled look.


Need custom styling tips?

Whether it’s a spontaneous road trip, or a meticulously-planned air travel, these tips will help ensure your hair stays as smooth as your ride. Want more tailor-made travel tips?  Ask your SmartStyle stylist for advice and product recommendations, specific to your hair type. These professionally-trained technicians are happy to provide anything from easy-to-maintain cuts and custom colors, to hot tips on the latest trends. Stop by your salon today.

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