How to Undo — and Avoid — At-Home Color Disasters

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Many of us have experienced a hair color mishap at some point — or at least dreaded it. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as buying another box of hair color and coloring over the mistake. Artificial hair color doesn’t lighten other artificial hair colors. It can only lighten natural shades by up for four levels. So as tempting as it is to try to “fix” the problem yourself, your attempts could make matters worse.


One of the key ways to avoid color disasters is to have your hair colored by a professional. Remember that the more layers and variety that are applied to hair, the more difficult it is to create a beautiful color, even for the best hair color masters. This also can make the difference between a 20-minute correction and a complicated, multiple step, several hour (possibly weeks or months) process.


If you find that your color is less than you expected, head to SmartStyle for a complimentary consultation to discuss your options. Try to remain calm and know that no matter what, your hair will return to normal.

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