Top 5 Summer Product Picks and Styling Tips

Summer sun is loads of fun… until it messes with your hair. Show your locks some love; don’t damage your 'do. You can beat the humidity, chemicals, and heat with the proper products and right routine. Here's how to keep your hair healthy and happy all summer long.
DESIGNLINE Ultimate Radiance Shampoo

Suncreen. Yes, for hair.

Sunburns? Horrible. Hair damage? Almost as catastrophic. Not only do rays bleach, dry, and fray your strands, they’ll do a number on your dye job, too. Your mom always told you to slather yourself in SPF like your life depended on it—trust us, she was onto something. Never go anywhere this summer without your little brown bottle of SPF 30 and your leave-in conditioning spray with UV protection. If hair SPF is new to you, or if you already have dry, sun-damaged, or color-treated hair, double-down on protection with DESIGNLINE Ultimate Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner. Just wash, towel-dry, and apply your favorite SPF leave-in spray for quick, easy hair protection and lasting peace of mind.

Paul Mitchell Twirl Around Curl Definer

Humid air? Extra care.

Humidity wreaking havoc on your waves and curls? DESIGNLINE Honey & Aloe Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave-In Conditioner are the natural-product trifecta for beating humidity-fluffed frizz. Lather-rinse-repeat in the shower, then moisturize curls with the leave-in after wrapping with a dry towel. Once all-but-dry, lock in your curls’ shape with a definition cream. Paul Mitchell Twirl Around Curl Definer is a wonderful, easy-to-use product that’s perfect for beginners. Just apply before you dry, and play with the patterns for tight-and-tiny ringlets or big, beautiful waves.

DESIGNLINE Curl Lock Curl Charger

Summer Heat? Braid it on.

Want a cute, easy way to lift your hair from your face? Try a braid or two—or more. Try French braiding upside down, from the nape of the neck up for an awesome, Pinterest-worthy twist on a simple updo. Channel your inner celebrity socialite and play with double Dutch or boxer braids to even out your hairline tan. You could even play with multiple braids to make fun designs and trademark a whole new summer look. Braids can turn into waves, too. Apply DESIGNLINE Curl Lock Curl Charger before you braid your hair to help create beautiful next-day waves. There are endless ways to play with braids. Find a look that works for you. 


Day one or two? Use dry shampoo.

Summer is the one time of year you can let your normal shower routine slip without anyone batting an eye. Beachy waves and unwashed hair are all fair game, but to keep that just-showered feeling fresh, stock up on plenty of dry shampoo. Not only can you extend your hair’s life between washes, dry shampoo can also be used for absorbing excess sweat and moisture—it can even add texture to just-washed hair. If your hair is feeling dirty, greasy, moist, dull, or flat, try DESIGNLINE Dry Shampoo for an all-purpose product to get you through the summer.

Paul Mitchell Three

Don’t go green. Beat chlorine.

Chemical discoloration: One of summer hair's biggest enemies. Splash in chlorine, but don’t go green. Be sure to care for your hair with the right shampoo. Once done with the pool, hit the showers and rinse off the chemicals with a professional chlorine-battling formula like Paul Mitchell Three. For super speedy après-pool styling, towel-dry after cleansing and spritz your locks with a leave-in (plus SPF, naturally) before slicking up in a ballerina bun—rapid damp styling for more fun in the sun.


For even more easy styling tips and tricks, stop into your local SmartStyle and have a quick chat with one of our professional stylists. They’d be happy to provide product recommendations and styling advice, specific to you and your hair type. Find your neighborhood salon, check in today.

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