Top 10 Fall Hair Color Trends


Fall is here, which means it’s time to think about fall hair color. If you’ve been considering making a change, now’s the time. The hair color experts at SmartStyle have rounded up the best fall hair color trends for 2015. Find the one that’s right for you!


1. The Hottest of the Hot: Bronde


Bronde is the latest can't-miss-it hair color trend. It’s a combination of brown and blonde hair that’s perfect for the transition between seasons. If you’re a brunette, adding in a few simple highlights is all you need for a subtle, brightening change.


2. Chestnuts Roasting


Chestnut brown is ideal for brunettes and blondes looking for a slight change. Medium brown hair has the chance to look perfect with a blend of golden tones. Maybe it’s right for you too.

Fall hair color

3. Go for the (Strawberry) Gold


Adding a golden red hue to your already strawberry blonde hair will turn heads this fall. Rich, golden strawberry strands help your hair come alive in the shiny fall sunlight.



4. Break Out the Bubbly


Maybe you haven’t heard but redheads have a lot of fun. Spice up your dark blonde hair with a champagne red shade. The change will be noticed but won’t be too drastic.



5. Butter Me Blonde


Love being blonde but want to mix it up? Ask your SmartStyle stylist about butter blonde tones.



6. Honey Do


If dark hair isn’t your look but you want to tone down your bright blonde locks, honey blonde is a great option. It’s not too bright or too dark—it’s just right.



7. Cinnamon & Spice


As the temps drop, turn up the heat with a richer, darker red. If you’re ready for a bold move, ask your stylist what's right for you.



8. Chocolate Fix


Is your brown hair feeling a little blah? For a subtle change, consider asking your SmartStyle color expert for medium-to-light brown hair color. This natural looking hue will brighten up your complexion and give you the boost you’re looking for.


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9. Caramel on Top


If you have dark brown or black hair, add instant dimensions with ever so subtle caramel highlights placed strategically throughout your hair.



10. Black is the New Black


Take the edge off of your black hair by shifting to a warmer tone. Warm black hair color has a slightly brownish hue, meaning it will work with a wide range of skin tones. Your SmartStyle color expert will know just what to do to create the most flattering soft black look for you.


Once you have the perfect fall hair color, keep it looking its best with a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. We recommend DESIGNLINE Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. They're available at your local SmartStyle Salon.

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