Tips for Going From Relaxed to Natural

The “big chop” is the common term for when someone gives up on growing out relaxed hair and simply cuts off all the chemically treated hair in one haircut. The cut is usually pretty extreme, leaving the length very short, and naturally curly. While this the quickest and easiest way to part with the chemically relaxed portion of hair, the latest products and styling services make the dramatic cut unnecessary.


You have options
Before taking off all the length, have a conversation with your stylist. Talk about your ideal look, what your daily haircare routine is like and ask whether you’re a good candidate of a slow grow out. Put together a long-term plan that includes salon visits and daily home care. If you can be patient, you can slowly transition to natural hair with occasional hair shaping sessions with your stylist. By gradually trimming away the relaxed hair as your natural hair grows in, you can maintain your length and current look.

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A weekly routine
The key to a successful grow-out is deep conditioning. By infusing the hair with moisture and protein, it will be less delicate and less prone to breakage. The four-step MIZANI Thermasmooth system service available at most SmartStyle salons includes shampoo, deep conditioning, thermal protecting serum, and a high shine anti-humidity spray. Along with the moisturizing benefits, the styling of the hair will hold its shape until it gets wet.
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Mizani products
Making sure your hair is moisturized is one of the keys to a successful grow-out. Products like the MIZANI True Textures line can help.

If you prefer taking a do-it-yourself approach to conditioning, MIZANI True Textures Intense Moisture Treatment or MIZANI Moisturfusion Silk Cream Conditioner will infuse your hair with moisture and protein for strength and smoothness. Whether done at home or in the salon, a weekly treatment will keep your hair smooth, shiny, and strong.


Curls, curls, curls

As your growth reaches the point where more of your hair is natural than straight, there are a variety of sets you can use to begin wearing a controlled curl. Perm rods, rollers, bendy rods, straw sets, and lacers can help you get through the last stages of your straight to natural transition. They each offer a different level and shape of controlled curl, so you can easily change your look on your own.


Beyond the finish line
Once you reach full natural, keep up the conditioning. MIZANI True Textures products will help you love your natural hair even more. Packed with marula, olive, and coconut oils, it provides definition and deep, rich moisture.


When you’re ready to go natural, or if you have questions about transitioning from relaxed to natural, talk with your SmartStyle stylist about the best way to make the change.

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Style Tip
Wet hair is prone to breaking. Never rub wet hair when you towel dry. Wrap your hair and squeeze out the excess water.
Style Tip

Taking care of your naturally textured hair