Thinning Hair? We Can Help With That

Some of the most asked questions of a hairstylist are related to thinning hair. What causes hair to thin? I’m noticing hair loss, should I be worried? What should I do? Is there anything you have that will help me? Hair thinning and hair loss is a common concern that causes anxiety.


While your stylist cannot diagnose the reason for thinning hair, they can recommend ways to care for your hair and scalp, and create a hair style that gives you confidence.


Create camouflage

Don’t feel despair if your hair is starting to thin out. A professional stylist has the training and know-how to give your hair the illusion of thickness. Camouflaging the thinness for women's hair can be accomplished by a short cut, like a bob. A texture service like a perm can also give the illusion of more body and density. Ask your stylist for suggestions that would complement your face shape and hair type.


Treat the source

Make the most of what you have with quality volumizing products like DESIGNLINE Expandability Shampoo and Conditioner. The combo bulks up your existing hair, making it feel thicker.

Smartstyle male hair model getting a shampoo
The right shampoo and conditioner can help bulk up you hair. Ask your stylist for a recommendation.

Another product option is one of Nioxin’s 3-part treatment kits that include a cleanser, a conditioner and a scalp treatment designed for specific hair types like fine, coarse or color treated. Nioxin addresses the health of your hair and scalp using special technologies that strengthen it while maximizing its texture and density.


For advanced thinning, Nioxin also has a treatment system made with Minoxidil, the only non-prescription ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair for men and women.


When to see a doctor

Hair can begin to thin for a lot of different reasons, not just genetic predisposition. From health issues and medication to poor diet and stress, there are a lot of factors to consider. It’s best to talk to a doctor if the hair loss is sudden, a large amounts of hair is shedding after combing or brushing, if you think a medication may be the cause, or if your scalp has become scaly or has a rash.


Talk with your stylist about how to navigate through the different hair-thinning options. With their unique perspective and understanding of hair, your stylist can help you develop a plan to make your hair look thick and healthy.

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