The Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

Getting bangs is a great way to change up your look, without losing any length in your overall style. However, not all bangs are created equal. The type of bangs you should get is entirely dependent on what face shape you have, since different face shapes are best complimented by different bang styles. Let's find out what's right for you:



Round face shapes have both a width and length that are close to the same, and features, like the jawline, are more soft and rounded. If you have a round face shape, you should never wear a strong, straight-across bang—this will make a round face appear wider. The goal with adding bangs to this face shape is to give the illusion of more length, so a stronger, side-swept bang will work best. Beware of bangs that are too light or textured, which will add to too much softness to this shape.



Square face shapes, similar to round, have a width and length that are close to the same. The difference is that features are stronger and more angled in a square face. Just like round shapes, avoid blunt, heavy bangs. They'll make your face appear wider and smaller. Try a side-swept bang that is slightly tapered, starting just above or at the brow and progressively getting longer as they move into the sides. Lighter, wispier bang will help to soften angles and strong features.


Brunette SmartStyle hair model
Your SmartStyle stylist can help you find the right style for your face shape.


Heart shapes have more width across the forehead and less width at the jawline. The heart shape also is typically accompanied with a widow’s peak, which can make bangs challenging, but not impossible. A long, fringed bang will soften the forehead width while giving length to make styling the peak less challenging. A side swept bang that sits above the eyebrows will also work for the heart-shaped face.



Triangle face shapes have less width across the forehead and more width at the jawline. This shape is great for a heavier, straight-across bang to give the illusion of width at the top of the face, and detract from the actual width of the jaw. A heavier, rounded bang can also work, especially for those who dislike the straight-across look.



Diamond face shapes are wider across center of face with less width at both forehead and jawline. Bangs that open up the forehead, making it look wider, are best for this shape. Try long, side-swept bangs or short, cropped pixie bangs to work with your shape.



The oval face is considered ideal for bangs and allows for the most versatility because of the balanced shape. Because of this, oval faces can wear almost any style of bang, with little fear of making the face shape unbalanced. However, wispier or fringier bangs that increase the illusion of length should be avoided.


If you’re not quite sure what face shape you have, stop into your local SmartStyle salon and chat with one of our stylists. They’ll help you figure out your face shape, what bangs will look best with your style, and what products will help you style your bangs when you get home. And don’t forget: bangs require up-keep, so make sure you come in for a trim every three to four weeks to keep them looking fresh.

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