The Keys to Good Looking Facial Hair

The lumberjack beard. The goatee. The handlebar mustache. The five o’clock shadow. When it comes to facial hair, the styles and opportunities are endless. There really is a look to suit any face and personality. But the up-keep does require a bit of dedication. Let's take a look:


Find what works for you

First, you must find the look that best suits your face shape and personal style. For some, that means a full-on beard. (A good beard will give your face more definition and highlight a strong jawline.) For others, a mustache or scruff are more appropriate. Not sure which look is best for you? Experiment with different looks. The great thing about facial hair is that it’s easy to tweak until you get the look that suits you best.


Keep it looking good

Secondly, proper grooming is an absolute must. Depending on the style you’ve landed on, you’ll have to make regular trims to keep everything in tip-top shape. So, it’s essential to keep the proper tools on-hand. Think: barber’s scissors, a set of clippers, a fine-tooth comb, and a razor. Remember, hair grows about half an inch per month. For a robust beard, that probably means clipping once a week, while stylish stubble needs a trim every other day. And for mustaches and goatees, you’ll have to shave daily to keep your look defined.

Man with beard
One key to having a good-looking beard is to have good-looking hair. Well-kept hair balances out the more casual nature of facial hair.
Paul Mitchell The Conditioner
Paul Mitchell The Conditioner can double as shaving lotion for your neckline and cheeks.

Freshen up

While it may not seem intuitive to shampoo your face, a bit of DESIGNLINE Tea Tree Shampoo on your beard or mustache will help keep it clean. And a dose of conditioner will keep it more manageable and soft—Paul Mitchell The Conditioner can also double as shaving lotion for your neckline and cheeks. Follow this up with a hot, wet towel over your facial hair, as this will steam and cleanse the skin beneath, warding off dryness and itchiness.


Stay in style

For styling, oils and waxes help maintain style and structure, while also helping to soften hair and reduce scratchiness. We recommend DESIGNLINE Texture Balance Infusing Oil, Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil, and Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Styling Wax.


Don't forget haircuts

As you’re growing and styling your facial hair, remember to keep the rest of your hair in good shape and get it trimmed regularly. Well-groomed hair will balance the casual nature of facial hair.

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