The Journey to Blonde

So you're finally thinking about settling that age-old question, something about blondes and fun. But before you dive in, there are some variables to consider. Whether you want all-over blonde or trendy blonde balayage tones, the process of getting a sunny hue takes a little time and the special skills of your stylist. And it’s not just up to your stylist to make it work—there are a few things you should do to make sure you love the color. If going blonde is on your to-do list, consider this your roadmap for the journey.



The greater the contrast between your natural color and the newly lightened color, the more your roots will be visible as your hair grows. How do you feel about your roots showing? Think about how much time and money you’re comfortable investing in frequent touch-ups. All-over color has more demanding maintenance than carefully placed balayage blonde highlights, so talk with your stylist about ways to go blonde that fit your budget and schedule.

brown to blonde hair progression
Going from brunette to blonde is not a one-step process, as you can see in this real-life SmartStyle example. It takes time and patience. But with the help of your stylist, you can achieve the blonde locks you're after.  
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Help limit brassy tones in your lighter hair with a blonde-specific shampoo, like DESIGNLINE Super Silver.

Hair health

The healthier your hair is before a color treatment, the less intense the chemical damage will be. Getting a salon treatment like Ultimate Repair Treatment or Intensity Conditioning Therapy before the lightening service can be an effective way to buffer any potential damage. Using professional strengthening products recommended by your stylist is another way to support the health of your hair.


Be candid

Before any color change, your stylist will ask a variety of questions about your hair and your overall health, because medications, hormones, and even diet changes can make an impact on the final result. During this consult, don’t hold back. Details that may not seem important to you can make a big difference. That box dye you used a few months ago? Make sure to mention it. A medical condition you're willing to share? That can be important, too. The more your stylist knows about your hair, the better the final result.


Starting out natural

If your hair hasn’t had a color or chemical service, your stylist will use one or two products to lighten it and then apply color. There are a few different ways the blonde can be applied—all over, classic highlights, ombre, or balayage—to create the blonde look that you will be comfortable maintaining.


Changing colors
When it comes to hair color, there is one constant rule: artificial color cannot lighten artificial hair color. But don’t despair, colored hair can still be made blonde, it just takes a little more work. The treatments needed to become blonde vary depending on the length, color, and health of your hair. And the time needed can vary as well, talk with your stylist about what process they’ll use and how long it will take.


And once your hair is a shade you love, you'll want to take care for it with a blonde-centric shampoo and conditioner routine. Product lines like Total Results Brass Off and DESIGNLINE Super Silver help reduce the brassy look in lightened hair and bring out the best tone.


Whether platinum or sun-kissed, going blonde is a fun change and there are many ways you can incorporate blonde tones with your current color. SmartStyle stylists are available to guide you on the right path to healthy, lighter hair.

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