Summer Trends for Men

Summer is the season for rocking shorter looks. With warmer weather, you don’t want long hair hanging down on your neck—but with this summer’s trends for men, you can vary your look quite a bit while still keeping a close crop. Below are some of our favorite warm-weather looks.


Sleek Side Part and Cropped Tight

Short hair with a tight fade is a classic men’s look. The tight crop works in any situation, from casual beach days to dressy evening dinner dates. Side parts can either be natural, or accentuated by cutting in a “hard part” to really put your image on-trend. Styling is simple—just use a bit of pomade for hold and appearance to complete your look. For stronger hold and more shine, try DESIGNLINE Pliable Fixer Pomade, or Paul Mitchell Dry Wax for a cleaner, lived-in look.


Textured Crop

The textured crop is a look that offers a bit more versatility, for the guy who likes to change things up. The overall look is well-blended, though the back and sides can be clippered tight, or scissor-cut for a softer edge. The top of the cut is left a bit longer and styled for a messy and textured feel. The product needed to complete this look can range from a wax for all-day hold—like Paul Mitchell Wax Works—or a lighter-hold product that allows you to change up your look from day to night, like DESIGNLINE Sculpting Mud.

SmartStyle male hair model
Just because you're keeping your hair short this summer doesn't mean you can't have an on-trend style.

Textured Quiff

A textured... um, what? Despite its somewhat silly name, the quiff is a classic cut, inspired by hairstyles of the '50s and '60s. It has the look of a slightly outgrown pompadour on top, with point-cut texture on the sides and back—the perfect way to maintain some length without opting for a long hairstyle. It's really all about volume.


A classic quiff is well-blended as you move from the top to bottom, for a balanced look, while the modern quiff offers much more contrast—it still has the length and volume on top, but a tight cut on the bottom and sides, an updated variation of the undercut trend from last year. This look offers a bit more of an unrefined edge, with the pompadour top offering a lot of versatility in styling. A styling paste, like American Crew Defining Paste, or a texture spray, like DESIGNLINE Ultimate Radiance Wave Catcher Texture Spray, can help create a more tousled look, while a strong-hold gel like American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel can help you achieve a voluminous slicked-back style.


Ready for a change and not sure which of these summer trends will work best for you? Visit your SmartStyle stylist for help in getting the look that will help you make the most of your summer!

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