Summer Style Made Easy

As days get longer and warmer, fashion and hair generally get more casual. While simplicity is what summer is all about, there is no reason you can’t still look fantastic as you hit the beach, family reunions, or just hang out in your own backyard. A little bit of professional product and a few minutes are all you need to look great all season long!


Longer Hair

The great thing about long hair in the summer is the ease with which you can pull yourself together in no time at all. Beachy waves are all the rage this season, and they can be really easy to create.


After towel drying straighter hair, just work some DESIGNLINE Curl Lock Leave-In Moisturizer throughout hair. Then, apply a golf ball-size amount of mousse, like DESIGNLINE Dream Mousse Weightless Styler, for finer textures or a walnut-size amount of a curl-enhancing product, like DESIGNLINE Curl Lock Curl Charger, for medium to coarser strands. With a diffuser attachment, gently scrunch hair toward head and hold until dry. The more tightly you hold the diffuser to your head, the stronger the waves. A looser grip will create a looser look.


Beachy waves can be worn down, pulled into a pony tail, pinned into a loose up-style, or even braided back depending on what your day looks like and how you want to finish your look. Use a dry shampoo to extend this look for more than one day.

SmartStyle short-hair model
Looking for a summer style for short hair? Apply a few finger tips of DESIGNLINE Mineral Salt Texture Paste to create a more piece-y, textured look.


To keep your mid-length style out of your face while staying trendy, try wearing a headband braid. Use the same process recommended above to create a wavy look, but be sure to use a loose grip with the diffuser since shorter hair is easier to wave up. Spray a texturizer like DESIGNLINE Texture Toussle into hair and scrunch. Gather a two-inch section of hair above the ear and braid, directing upward. Pin the braid to the opposite side of the head before repeating the process on the opposite side of the head.


Short Hair

The greatest gift shorter hair has to offer is the ease of change for a summer look. Blow dry hair as normal, then apply a few finger tips of DESIGNLINE Mineral Salt Texture Paste in a scrunching movement to create a more textured look. Move hair either toward or away from face as desired.


For additional ideas on great and easy summer looks, don’t hesitate to talk with your SmartStyle stylist. Your stylist can help you choose products for fighting humidity and frizz, or just keeping your hair under control.

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