Overcome the Challenges of Styling Straight Hair

While most people believe their hair is the “most difficult” to style, professional stylists will tell you that naturally straight hair has the lion’s share of challenges. Whether fine or coarse in texture, there are ways to make straight hair work for you.


Lose the limp

Fine straight hair delivers a double whammy. Straight hair without natural body can be tough, but fine hair brings a bigger challenge. It’s easier to damage with chemical services and more prone to static fly-away in dry environments. To give your fine and straight hair some body, shampoo daily with a professional volumizing product like Biolage Volumebloom. On dry, static-inducing days, use a lightweight, humectant-based moisture shampoo like Redken High Rise Volume Shampoo. Follow with Redken High Rise Volume Conditioner or another a volumizing conditioner.


Lighten up

With fine hair, a little goes a long way. It gets limp when it’s too dirty or too much product is used. Keep conditioners off your scalp to promote more body. Use lighter-weight styling and blow-out products like Sexy Hair Big Altitude Mousse or DESIGNLINE Get Pumped Volume Foam.


woman with straight hair
Don't get frustrated by your stick-straight hair, find ways to make it work for you.
Using lightweight styling products, like DESIGNLINE Get Pumped Volume Foam, is a key when working with fine, straight hair.

Create an illusion

Fine, straight hair can look stringy when it’s long, so talk to your stylist about finding a length that helps yours appear thick. Blunt ends can often bulk up the appearance more than long layers, but the length that looks best on you depends on the thickness of your fine locks.


Coax in curl

The more coarse straight hair is, the more difficult it may be to create and hold body. Before using heat treatment, apply a heat protectant with holding power—it will become your best friend. Try Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Hairspray, it has a mild hold and offers heat protection. For an even stronger hold, try Redken Hot Sets 22 Spray. Set your hot tool to a higher temperature for natural coarse straight hair, but lower the temp if you’ve had chemical treatment with color, a perm or relaxer.


Fake it

Creating body with a texturizing service can be a great way to make your straight hair easier to style. Perms today are more than just curl. Beach wave perms can add movement and help hair to hold round brush or curling iron styles better. Keep in mind that these loose perms are intended to make styling easier, they’re not a wash-and-go look.


Ask an expert

Talk with your SmartStyle stylist about your straight hair struggle. Ask for recommendations to overcome your styling challenges and make your straight hair look fabulous.

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