Stay Cool: Creating No-Heat Curls and Waves

All of summer’s fun in the sun, not to mention chlorinated pools and salty beaches, can be rough on your hair. It’s smart to avoid another potentionally damaging stressor and cut back on how often you use hot tools to style your hair. By giving your hair a rest, you’ll avoid adding to the chance of heat damage and you’ll save time every morning. Plus, summer boasts the best weather for letting your hair air dry and experiment with no-heat waves and curls.


Method 1: Braid it

Curly and wavy looks are completely on trend right now. There are several no-heat options to get the looks that are hot.


One of the simplest ways to get a wavy look is to braid slightly damp hair before going to bed. Multiple small, tight braids will create a head full of small waves, while one or two larger braids creates big, soft less waves.

blonde woman with slightly wavy hair
Even if your hair is on the straighter end of the spectrum, the braid technique can give it a bit of wave.
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Once you’ve woken in the morning, simply take down the braids, run a bit of DESIGNLINE Curl Lock Styling Cream or a similar smoothing product through your hair and use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to arrange waves.


For added texture, first apply Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave to damp hair and then weave the braids.


Method 2: Make a bun

The second way to create waves is so simple you could do it with your eyes closed: simply part slightly damp hair into two sections—the part does not need to be precise or straight—and then twist each section into a bun behind each ear, or position them high up like mouse ears for more volume. Hold in place with a rubber band or even a scrunchie (bet you still have one), and then let them dry overnight.


In the morning, unwind the buns, use your fingers to soften and separate, then work in Paul Mitchell Twirl Around Curl Definer and scrunch the ends.


If the air-dry method leaves you feeling a little flat, spritz on some dry shampoo like Biolage Clean and Full Dry Shampoo or TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo at the roots to give it some oomph.

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