Spring Color Transitions

Spring is known as a time of transition. Days grow longer, the sun warms the earth and air, and the colors of nature bloom from their slumber. It’s the perfect time to revitalize your hair color.


Visiting a professional stylist can make this process a breeze. A lighter, brighter color is a great choice this time of year. Adding sun-kissed highlights or soft, warm hues to winter hair can bring the shine and luster of the season. If you’re hoping for a more dramatic change, a dimensional "pinwheel" technique that alternates in three bold shades may be more your style.


For successful color transitions, a few considerations should be taken before you begin. Is the desired look subtle or more dramatic? How much time do you have in your schedule to visit the salon for upkeep of your new color? Are you planning to make another color transformation soon, as summer grows closer? The answers to these questions will help determine which technique and formula your stylist will choose to create the best new look for you.

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Product choice is also important during this change. Seasonal weather variations can impact how your hair responds to different ingredients. The shampoo and conditioner that has carried you through the winter months may not be the best choice for fresh, spring color. Your stylist will recommend the best selection of products to act as an insurance policy, protecting your color from fading and environmental stressors.


Arriving at the salon with a little flexibility and several pictures for inspiration will ensure that your stylist creates a perfect color transition to refresh your look for warmer days.

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