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It’s official: spring is in full swing. And now that our puffy coats and weatherproof boots are back in storage, who isn’t starting to plan out new looks for the season? We’re sure you’ve browsed pastel skirts and dresses online, but what about hairstyles? We’re envisioning cooler colors, dramatic dips, and bolder hues—anything to liven up the drab shades of winter. To help you along, we’ve drawn up this list of looks—hot spring color trends we're loving (and we think you will, too).

Living (for) coral
From rose quartz ringlets to ultra-violet undertones, it’s no secret that Pantone pigments have been taking the beauty world by storm. Many of us have been itching to try out the vibrant hair trend for a while now. The 2019 Color of The Year has been officially announced—Living Coral—and it looks like the trend is sticking around. An edgier take on the pastel pinks we’ve come to love, shades of coral are set to be the colors to try this season. Whether you want to go bold with an all-over wash or keep it simple with subtle peeks of color, there’s an option for anyone to try the trend. Work with your stylist to find what best suits you.

Pro tip: Not fully ready to go vibrant? Ease into trend with a faded pastel. It’s a gentler take on the Pantone hair trend and will be equally popular this upcoming season. 

Coral hair
Pastels, like this cool starfish coral, are a surefire way to get in the spring and summer spirit.
Cool brunette highlights
Skip the warm washes, ladies; this spring is all about looking cool. We’ve seen ashy blondes rise in popularity over the years, but now brunettes are stealing the spotlight. Worried that cool color might make your mane mousy? Rest assured, with a bit of professional guidance, any brunette can work this trend; it all comes down to choosing the right shade. For example, ashy colors work well on golden-brunettes while olive tones look best against more neutral frost. Ask your stylist to analyze your hair at your next visit to ensure your mane looks cool for spring—in every sense of the word.

Reverse ombré
You may be familiar with the ever-popular ombré look, but this season it’s back with twist—reverse ombré. This 180-degree take on the popular trend features a gradient of bold color from ends to roots, staying natural at the top for a face-framing flash of color. Ribbons of pigment lead the eye upward to highlight the face and can be customized with fun colors for more striking results. The best part? Unless you opt otherwise, the color only touches your ends, eliminating the need to retouch your roots.

Color your moment
It’s no secret that vibrant color is the upcoming trend to try. From mermaid melts to peeks of pastel, vibrant hair is flooding Instagram feeds everywhere; however, colored hair is a commitment, and with so many beautiful shades to try, how do you choose? If you want to have your mermaid-hair moment, but aren’t quite sure where to start, Matrix SoColor Cult is worth checking out. This extensive array of semi and demi-permanent hair color comes in a selection of vibrant shades, and even offers a Color Eraser treatment to remove previous pigment, so you can switch up your look in a flash.

Insider tip: Sparkling rosé and starfish coral are some of our favorite shades, but you can check out a whole palette of swatches at SmartStyle.

Love these looks? Make them your own. Head into SmartStyle for a professional color service and the products you need to protect your new look and make it shine.
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