Smart Strategies for Growing Out Your Hair

From lengthy morning coffee lines to wrangling the kids at bedtime, there are many things in life that can test our patience, but among the most agonizing of all, perhaps, is the uncomfortable process of growing your hair out. The waiting game can be tricky, but we can help make it easier. Breeze through the awkward stages of hair growth with this handy guide.


Below the surface

Unfortunately for us, our follicles weren’t designed to dispense hair on a whim. Your hair will grow around one-half inch per month, so there’s no real way around that. But if you’re wanting to help it grow it out stronger—and maybe a little faster?—these tricks might help you speed up the process.


  • Help fortify your strands for the long haul with a strengthening product like Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment.
  • Drink more water—hydrated cells are happy cells.
  • Refrain from harsh treatments that can damage your hair like DIY bleaching, color services, and perms.
  • Massage your scalp. This helps stimulate blood flow and can help new hair grow stronger.
Brunette with longer hair
Continuing to visit your stylist is one of the keys to growing out long, beautiful hair.
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Keep seeing your stylist

It may sound like it’s in direct opposition to growing your hair out, but if you’re looking to grow your shorter strands into lengthy locks, it’s important to keep getting your hair trimmed. Not only will your stylist be able to shape your in-between look into something you’re happy with, but your hair will appreciate it too. To simply stop getting your hair cut opens you up to damaged ends and weaker strands. Keeping split ends at bay will help ensure that your new growth is strong and healthy.


Tools to get you through

A handy trick to get you through the awkward phase is to lean on accessories and styling products. Here are a few tools to have on hand:

  • Hats are perfect for covering up awkward new growth and can be used to tuck back your strands in a flash—plus they elevate almost any ensemble.
  • Headbands, especially turban headbands, are lifesavers when it comes to too-choppy layers. These simple wraps can be your go-to ‘do, framing your face, pasting down awkward bangs, and even covering up embarrassing roots.
  • Pomade can paste fringe and unruly curls down for a sleek, chic new style.
  • Bobby pins are awesome for holding new fringe and flyaways, keeping your hair fastened and fabulous from day to night. Pro tip: spritz each pin with some hairspray to keep them from sliding throughout the day.
Love these tips? There’s more where that came from. Head into your SmartStyle Salon for more advice, just for you. While you’re at it, pick up the products you need to get through these awkward hair days. Ready… set… grow!
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