Simple Time-Saving Styling Tips

Do you often find yourself short on time in the morning? Feel like you’re always running behind? While you can’t make the commute go faster, you can shave time off your morning routine. By making a few hair styling changes and using a few special products, you can get ready for the day faster and have more time for other things.


The night before

Save some time in the morning by shampooing your hair the night before and applying a leave-in conditioner like DESIGNLINE Ultimate Radiance Leave-In Conditioning Styler. Then pull hair up into a high pony tail or bun, using a scrunchie or no-crease hair tie to secure it. In the morning, style as usual. For a boost of volume and texture, apply a dry shampoo like TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo at the roots. Or to define your curls, apply a serum or oil like DESIGNLINE Silk Drops.

woman with brunette hair
Sexy Hair H2No dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is a secret weapon when it comes to time-saving styles. Skip the whole shampoo-and-blow-drying process with help from products like Sexy Hair Style Sexy H2No Dry Shampoo.

Same day

Wash hair like usual and follow with a leave-in conditioner like Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Leave-In Conditioner. Next, pull the length to one side and create a classic three-strand braid or a fish tail braid, then head out the door. If you leave the braid in while you sleep you’ll have soft waves in the morning.


The next day

For serious time saving, skip the suds and use a dry shampoo like Sexy Hair H2NO. It adds texture and volume, absorbs oil, and leaves hair feeling fresh. Wear a shower cap while getting clean, then apply the dry shampoo to your dry hair. Next, pull your hair into a high pony tail. For a simple and soft look, twist the length around the pony tail base and secure with pins. Or for a more playful look, divide the ponytail into several sections and curl each. Spritz on a light and flexible hold hair spray like Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light Finishing Spray, then release the pony tail and arrange the curls by scrunching and massaging with your hands.  


Touch up in between

If you’re hair seems lackluster day 1 or 2 after shampooing, give it a lift by sprinkling DESIGNLINE Powder Boost lightly at the scalp. It almost instantly creates volume.


You can get even more time-saving tips from your highly trained SmartStyle stylist. Find the salon near you and check in today.

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