Selfie-Ready Holiday Hairstyles
for Every Skill Level

A one-word description of the holiday season? Stressful. Times ten. On top of cooking, shopping, gift-wrapping, and decking the halls, we can add 'holiday parties' to our list of worries. More specifically, looking our best at holiday and New Year's parties (after all, cameras will be in attendance). A quick image search of 'holiday hairstyles' may send you scrambling to find time to visit your stylist—and that may be just the move (more on that below)—but you don’t necessarily need a salon visit to get a look that shines. From cascading curls to fun-and-flirty updos, we’ve compiled a list of gorgeous looks for every skill level—plus one you should leave to your stylist. Here’s the rundown.


Hot-Curled Buns

Skill Level: Beginner

Even if you don’t know your bobby pins from your barrettes, you can still nail a head-turning hairstyle. A sleek updo is a fantastic way to showcase a beautiful neckline or sparkly set of earrings, and a quick, messy bun can look just as put-together when you use the right products. To give a casual bun a little more magic, lightly curl a few locks of hair before applying Bed Head After-Party Hair Cream to give your strands some silky shine. After that, lightly wind and toss your hair up in a band. Lightly mist with some hairspray and ta-da! You’re done.


Pro tip: Add a bit of highlighter to your cheekbones—you’ll be sure to glow from every angle. 

Holiday updo with hair rosettes
Ready to turn your party hair over to the experts? Ask your stylist for an updo with "rosettes" like this one created for Modern Salon magazine by Jamie Suarez, VP of Creative and head of stylist education.
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The Dutch Crown

Skill Level: Novice

A modern-day twist on the classic French braid, this style looks festive on hair of all types, and it's easy enough to do yourself! To get the look in the photo, first protect your hair with DESIGNLINE Get it Pressed before smoothing each section down with your favorite flat iron. Then, gather a handful of hair at each corner of the forehead, braiding either side into a Dutch braid (a reverse French braid) back to the center. Secure the ends with clear elastic bands. When finished with both sides, join them together at the back of the head with a single band, removing the initial elastics, and let the remaining hair hang free.


Pro tip: Make it fancy with a few sparkly hair accessories like ornate ties or rhinestone barrettes.


Fa-la-la-ling Braids

Skill Level: Intermediate

Joy to the curls! A waterfall braid is the perfect ornament for highlighted locks. To get the look yourself, first prep with a good thermal spray like DESIGNLINE Hot Stop and lightly curl some soft, beachy waves to create movement. Once finished, divide hair at the corner of each eye and prep with a small amount of texture cream like Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy for control. French-braid around the head, leaving the 'tail' of each pass behind to let the strands hang free. Continue each side until the braids center at the back of the head and secure with a clear elastic band, letting the loose waves cascade. Finish the look with a light mist of hairspray to freeze it for the night.


Winter Rosettes


Skill Level: Leave it to the professionals


Nothing says 'grammable like intricate hair décor, and these braided rosettes are just about as ornate as they come. As customizable as they are festive, these glamorous plaits make perfect accessories for any holiday outfit. To begin this look, your stylist will braid a three-strand plait and secure both ends with clear hair elastic. They'll then lightly deconstruct your "petals" by softly pulling one side of the braid loose—by pulling only one side, the braid will begin to curve, creating the shape of your rosette. Next, they'll slide a bobby pin into one secured end of hair elastic and begin wrapping the braid around the pin, threading the booby pin through the braid every so often to keep your rose-shape secure. Once the hair fills the bobby pin, they'll hold the rosette in hand and gently pull the pin down to firm the 'rose' into shape. For bigger rosettes, they'll continue to wind the braid around its center, securing with hair pins as they go, and hide each plait’s ends under its petals with a bobby pin.




Found a look you love? Try it yourself or visit a salon. And don't forget to stop into SmartStyle for all the products you need to make your holiday season look picture-perfect.

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