Rich, Bold Hair Color for Winter


Just because the sky is gray doesn’t mean you can’t go for rich, bold colors for your hair. Winter is the perfect time to experiment with deeper, richer hues. Here are some of our favorite winter shades:



The red-orange undertones of this fiery shade look stunning on warm complexions, whether you’re fair or dark skinned. Brownish-red tints complement golden hued skin, giving it a beautiful, healthy glow. Something we all welcome in the winter.


Pumpkin Spice

This is not just the name of the popular coffee drink. This strawberry blonde is a subtle blend of coppery red with golden blonde, perfect for lighter skin with peachy or golden undertones. The key is not to over-highlight hair with too much blonde.


New hair color
Winter is the perfect time to experiment with darker colors, warmer highlights, and more.
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Ruby Red with Hints of Violet

Cool and neutral skin tones can get in on the red color trend with this darker hue with plum accents.


Black Currant

If your hair is naturally black or dark brown, this deep purple color adds depth and mystery. You can add a little or a lot, depending on how dramatic you want to go.



If you’re not into red, there are lots of other gorgeous seasonal colors to choose from. Caramel highlights really bring out the richness of brunette hair. If you have a warm skin tone, stay away from frosted highlights, opting instead for toffee tones. Your stylist can add subtle caramel highlights around your face to give your skin an added glow.

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