Refresh Your Spring Look: Seasonal Styling Tips

Spring is here, and so are new styles. There’s a lot to catch up on, so we’ll get right down to it. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you spring into the season looking fresh.


Healthy hair. It’s so in right now.

Winter’s chilly weather and dry central heating are seriously dehydrating and wreak havoc on your strands, leading to split ends and breakage. These past winter months may have left your hair feeling like straw, but don’t worry. A trip to the salon for a quick trim and conditioning treatment will refresh and restore your hair to springtime standards in no time.


Keep the flyaways at bay

Dry air, humidity, overly enthusiastic brushing… static electricity annoys just about everyone but kids with balloons. Calm those rebel hairs with a quick spritz of hairspray. Don’t like a crunch or heavy hold? Try working with products like DESIGNLINE Hold Everything or Sexy Hair Smooth and Seal to cast away flyaways and leave your hair feeling flexible. Liquid products more your style? A dime-sized amount of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum will do the trick, too.

Smiling blonde model with hair pulled back
Revitalizing dry, tired winter locks is one of the keys to getting your hair back on track.

Bring limp back to life

Second-day hair looking limp and lifeless? Pump up the volume and liven your look with Sexy Hair Big Sexy Powder Play or Sexy Hair Big Sexy Powder Play Lite for the boost you crave without the slew of extensions. Just sprinkle at the scalp, massage with your fingertips, say the magic words, and POOF! Bigger, more beautiful hair. Want the same look for your curls? Reenergize those ringlets with the new DESIGNLINE Honey and Aloe Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave-in line to nourish, condition, and maintain your mane without feeling oily or heavy.


Adorn. Accessorize. Repeat.

This upcoming season will be jam-packed with style options from athletic to lavish. You’ll see low ponytails and wrapped low ponies flooding the streets with various accessories. Make the most of what’s trending to put a twist on your style. Woven headbands, decorative bobby pins, or even clip-in flowers are all trendy add-ons that can refresh your look for a whole new you.


Time to pony-up

Craving high-fashion chic? High ponies are also storming the runways this spring and everyone should be on board. Steal the look in seconds by flipping your hair upside-down, gathering it high against the scalp and securing it with a cloth-covered band. Have a few extra minutes to try something new? Toy with a braid or two like French, Dutch or Herringbone—simply add to your pony, or coil it up in a bun for Pinterest-worthy glam.


There’s more where that came from

Whether you’re looking for advice on trends, products, or just a quick trim, our professional stylists can provide customized clips, tips, and treatments to make sure you step into the season feeling as fresh as the flowers. Visit your local SmartStyle salon today.

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