Photo-Ready Hair

Fall is fast approaching and with it come countless photo opportunities. Whether it’s school pictures, homecoming games, apple picking, Thanksgiving, or another family gathering, the season is full of formal and informal photos sessions. Are you and your family photo-ready for the season? And how long before an event should you get your hair cut?


About three to five days.


And why? You don’t want to look like you just got your hair cut. Giving hair some time—even a full week—before the get-together or pictures allows the new cut to settle in and fall more naturally, so you look like the best version of yourself. Plus, this allows you time to get comfortable with styling it which is especially helpful if you made a dramatic change.


Style for the ages

When it comes to preparing for photo opportunities, go with something classic. An ultra-trendy look will date you and could be cringe-worthy in 10 years when the styles have changed (think beehive, ‘80s bangs, and the mullet). For boys and men, consider a clean-cut neckline and side-burns, with an inch or two of length on top and tapered down on the sides will be just the thing to give you a timeless, groomed look. Girls and women can’t go wrong with a classic bob, lob, or a longer length that’s lightly layered. With their face-framing shape, they’re flattering in photos.


Styling lesson

The moments after your haircut is complete is the perfect opportunity to have your stylist talk you through creating a photo-worthy look. Ask about professional styling products and tools needed to recreate the look.


Take it home

Professional shampoo and daily conditioner will keep hair primed and ready for greatness. And a good hairspray or gel can keep it all in place, all day long so your hair will look perfect even during spontaneous selfies. Ask your stylist to recommend products that make your hair camera-ready at all times.


Remember, your stylist knows you and your hair well, and can recommend a haircut that will fit your style and haircare habits.

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