New Season, New Color:
Changing Your Hair Color for Fall and Winter


Fashion changes with the seasons, and so do hair color trends. With the arrival of autumn (and winter soon after), the sunny blonde shades of summer are phased out as darker, richer shades become popular. If you want a change for the seasons too, there are few ways to get ready for a new hair color.



Summer’s sun, heat, and humidity can do a number on our hair. By the time fall arrives, our hair is dry, frizzy and full of split ends. The most effective remedy is a trim or full haircut to remove the damaged ends. If you have a specific hairstyle in mind, bring photos so your stylist can understand your vision.

back of woman's head with long, auburn, wavy hair
Find a rich, new hue for the season, like this dark copper golden blonde created by SmartStyle stylist Adrianna V.


Chlorine and salt water buildup can create a layer of buildup on each strand that changes its texture (so dry it’s almost crispy) and blocks the follicles from taking on hair color. Ask your stylist about salon treatments that can remove the gross buildup and create a clean canvas for a new color.



Now comes the fun part. Do you want a little color or a lot? Talk with your stylist about what you want —and what you don’t want. Bring in photos to show what you have in mind. If you’re naturally blonde, some lowlights can give your color depth. Already a brunette? Boost it with a color glaze. Layering in warm tones can bring your current color to life, making it look fresh and rich. For a bold change, consider all-over color in shades of chocolate.



Color treatments can remove some of hair’s natural moisture, and if your hair was dry before coloring, it’s a good idea to routinely treat it to rich doses of moisture. Biolage Keratindose and Repair Inside products are made with ingredients that repair and restore dry, damaged hair and help strengthen hair to prevent future damage.


If you’ve been curious about trying a darker hair color, fall is the great time of year to make the change. Your stylist will help you choose a flattering shade, and then create a look that makes you feel confident.

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