Make Your Hairspray Work For You

Hairspray is an invaluable tool for styling your hair and making it stay put. But how can you use it to your best advantage? It all starts with choosing the right spray for your style. But there are also some tips and tricks you can use to make your hairspray work for you, not just with you, so that you get the best results possible.


Start with the good stuff

Don’t waste your money on cheap products that will only weigh your hair down. Professional sprays don’t leave behind residue and are infused with ingredients that are good for your hair. Plus, they are far more likely to give you the hold you’re looking for. New to hairspray? Give Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray, Redken Quick Dry 18, or Biolage Complete Control Hairspray a try.


Create an even mist

Rather than spritzing your hairspray like you would perfume, create a steady, even mist, following strands from the roots to the ends for full coverage and hold. And don’t bring it in too close when you spray—the ideal distance is 10-14 inches.

hairsprayed hair
Using hairspray to your styling advantage is easy with a few tips and tricks.


Don’t overuse it

You can always add more, but you can’t take any hairspray away if you start with too much. So, use lightly to avoid helmet-head. Ideally, hair should still be soft and touchable, even after applying hairspray, just with some added texture.


Tame frizz

When dealing with fly-aways and frizz, rather than spraying directly into hair, apply spray to palms or the backside of a comb and lightly smooth down. This will give you better hold and will keep those rebel hairs in line. Redken Forceful 23 is a good frizz-controlling choice.

Climate control

Hairsprays don’t go bad as long as they’re kept in the proper environment. Keep them in a location with a consistent temperature, avoiding extreme heat or cold. (So, summer or winter, don’t keep your hairspray in your car!) The best place to keep it? At home in your cabinet.


Clean slate

If you use hairspray a lot, it can create build-up in your hair. Use a clarifying shampoo, like DESIGNLINE Clarifying Shampoo or Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three, a few times a month to remove build-up and residue to refresh your locks and start your styling with a clean slate.

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