LOVE!: Romantic Hairstyles for Any Occasion

Looking for a romantic hairstyle for a party, wedding, or any special event? These easy styles are so feminine and pretty, you’ll turn heads all night long.
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She’s Come Undone Knot

A relaxed, swept-back updo with face-framing curls is one of our favorites. To get the look, loosely curl your hair with a 1 ½” curling iron. Tease the crown of your hair and smooth the top layer with a comb. Gather hair at the nape of your neck and secure with a binder. Gently tease the ponytail. Mist with a flexible hold hairspray, such as DESIGNLINE Hold Everything Spray. Then begin randomly twisting pieces of hair from the ponytail and pinning them up with Bobby pins, letting some of the ends stick out. Pull a few pieces from the front sides to frame your face. Finish the look with a shine spray. We love Paul Mitchell Freeze & Shine Super Spray.

Classic Waves

Cascading waves always conjure up romance—and getting them is easier than you might think. After washing your hair, take a small amount of DESIGNLINE Silk Drops Serum and smooth over hair. Next, blow dry with a round brush, and then part hair down the middle. Divide into two layers, pin up the top layer. To get perfectly shaped glamorous waves, try using a triple-barrel curling iron.


When using a triple barrel iron, lightly mist each section with a thermal protectant spray DESIGNLINE Hot Stop and gently close the iron on the section of hair. This iron’s special design provides soft undulating waves, without a crimped result. For maximum volume, place the iron as close to the scalp as possible. For a bit less, begin 1" from the scalp.


Starting out, wrap in a section of hair and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat this step, moving down to the ends of your hair and all the way around your head. Once you’ve completed the bottom layer, unpin the top layer and repeat the process. Your waves should look uniform. Finish your romantic style with a light-hold hairspray.

Woman with pinned up hair

Updated Bardot

Bridgette Bardot — and in the more recent past, Amy Winehouse — embodied flirty romance with their infamous half-up, half-down hairstyles. Try our modern take that’s a little more subtle. Mist medium-to-long hair with a thickening spray and blow dry with a round brush. We like Sexy Hair Get Layered. With a 2” curling iron, curl your hair away from your face for pretty, retro flips.


Lightly tease a 1 ½” section of hair at your crown. Take one section on either side of the part and pulled it back. Secure with Bobby pins at ear level. Repeat with the other section of hair, pulling it across the side that’s already secured. To ensure a secure hold, insert hair pins in sideways, keeping them hidden. Loosen a few wispy pieces of hair in the front and on top. Finish the look with light-hold hairspray.

Messy Side Braid

A messy side braid looks effortless, soft and romantic. Here’s how to get the look: evenly distribute volumizing mousse, such as DESIGNLINE Volumizing Mousse from roots to ends, and blow dry with a round brush. Part hair to the side you want your braid. With a comb, tease the crown of your head and side, then smooth rogue hairs. Gather hair into a low, side pony, allow hair to cover your ears and secure loosely with a binder. Loosely twist your hair into a three-strand braid, keeping it tight at the base. Secure the end with another binder, then pull on the braid to let some pieces fall out. If you want, cut the top binder off for a messier look.

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