Less Gray in Minutes: The Magic of Gray Blending

Want to camouflage some of your grays without looking like you've just had your hair “colored?” Gray blending does just that.

This quick, inexpensive service can be completed in 10 to 20 minutes, and the final result gives your hair more of a just-starting-to-gray appearance. Think of it as adding a bit more pepper to your distinguished salt-and-pepper look.

Your stylist will color match your hair and put on a color product that washes out gradually and uniformly. That means—unlike with stronger hair dyes—you don’t have to worry about a line as the roots grow out.

And then when the gray starts to show through more than you’d like, just head back into your SmartStyle for another gray blending service. It’s just that easy.

Man with gray blended hair
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Don't forget to shampoo color-treated hair with cool water. This reduces fading.
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