Keeping Your Spring Color Fresh

Now that the winter months are finally done, now’s the time to finally try a brand-new hue. And with proper TLC and a little creativity, you can keep your color-treated tresses looking lustrous and vibrant all season long. To help protect your mane and keep it looking fresh, here are a few tips to help take care of your color-treated hair.


Leave it to the professionals

Begin by asking a professional stylist to tint and tone, and follow up with equally professional-grade products to help your new color last. The quality ingredients in salon-grade hair care products simply can’t be matched by anything purchased outside of the salon. Professional products are specifically designed to maintain the longevity of your color while simultaneously addressing the additional needs of your color-treated tresses. Plus, they have a far more concentrated formula—a little goes a long way. If you purchase a liter, for example, you could stretch your use for 6-12 months, using just a dime-sized amount each time. Translation? Less trips to the store, longer-lasting color, and more savings in the end game. Looking for a recommendation? Try Biolage ColorLast Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s specifically designed to prevent color washout for up to nine weeks, and comes in a handy liter-size as well.

Hair model with brunette hair
Your stylist will be able to suggest a hair color that perfectly complements your skin tone.
DESIGNLINE Ultimate Radiance Leave-In Conditioner
Sunscreen for your hair? This leave-in conditioner from DESIGNLINE contains ingredients to protect your new color from the sun's fading rays.

Cool it with the rinsing

Would you wash your brand-new indigo jeans in a warm wash cycle? No! The warm water would drain the dye, right? The same rule applies to color-treated hair. Hot water expands the cuticle, releasing the color molecules, and causing your color to fade like brand-new dark wash jeans. Rinsing your strands with cooler water will help minimize how much the hair cuticle swells, which will reduce washout and fading.


Sunscreen: Not just for skin

Folks, Mr. Sun can be sneaky. Even though these milder temps don’t feel too dangerous, spring UV rays can wreak havoc on our hair. Just like your skin, your hair needs sunscreen, too. Now, we’re not telling you put SPF lotion on your hair (gross!),  but you should really use a product with a bit of UV protection. A leave-in conditioner with an SPF formula like DESIGNLINE Ultimate Radiance Leave-In Conditioner will do just the trick, shielding your strands from harmful rays that can damage your hair and fade your color. Simply mist on damp hair and carry on with your day for fresh-looking locks and powerful UV protection.

Beat the heat

Thermal tools like wands, dryers, and straighteners can also contribute to color fading, so be sure keep those pigments pristine by prepping with products that offer heat protection. For added shine, try a cream like Sexy Hair Hot Sexy Prep Me on damp hair before drying. For quick, mess-free protection, try a spray like Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Mist to shield your hair from iron-and-wand damage. Chat with your stylist to find a product best suited for your hair type.


Refresh. Re-tint. Repeat.

Remember to head into the salon for a quick touch-up every four to six weeks to treat your roots and keep your new color looking vibrant. While you’re there, ask your stylist about refreshing your color with a glossing service to bring life to your tone and add tons of show-worthy shine.


Head into your local SmartStyle for everything from fresh, spring pigments to color-protecting products—our professional stylists will give you the treatments and tips you need to keep your hair turning heads all season long.

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