Keeping Your New Color Right on Hue

Congratulations, you took the plunge and got a whole new hue. Now you want to keep your fresh shade looking vibrant, and with proper care (and a little bit of creativity) you can do just that. Here’s how to make your new color last.


Tip #1: Leave it to the pros

When it comes to your hair, leave nothing to chance. It’s your greatest accessory, so if you’re thinking of changing it up with something drastic like color, always spring for the professional color service. Once you find a SmartStyle stylist you trust, be sure to tell them exactly what you’re looking for. It’s important to consider how color fades over time—your stylist may recommend that you go a bit bolder at first, especially if your leaning towards a lighter look, so that your hair can gradually fade into your target shade. This prolongs your color’s vibrancy and extends the life of your treatment.


Helpful hint: As gorgeous as it may be, red dye is more vulnerable to washout, so if your heart is set on a scarlet hue, be prepared for a bit more color upkeep.

Red color hair example
This deep red is definitely beautiful (it was created by a SmartStyle stylist!), but keep in mind red hues are especially prone to fading.     
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Redken Extreme Mega Mask
Keeping your hair hydrated is always important, but keeping color-treated hair hydrated is an even bigger deal. Try a deep conditioning treatment like Redken Extreme Mega Mask.   

Tip #2:  Set it off right

In the first few days after a gorgeous new dye job, it may not occur to us that it takes some time to settle in. Just like coloring a shirt or jeans, you should wait 24-48 hours for pigment to settle in before your next wash. It’s also important to cleanse with a high-quality color-retaining formula, and to rinse with cold—never hot—water. Kenra Platinum Color Charge Shampoo is an excellent option for color-treated hair. Not only does it boost vibrancy, it also seals pigment within the strands, smoothing the cuticle with a blend of hydrating agents to help the color stay set, sealed, and undisturbed.


Tip #3: Don’t skip the conditioner

We’ll give it to you straight: if regular conditioning isn’t a part of your daily routine, you’re not going to see the results you’re hoping for. Professional conditioning products keep your strands moisturized, your chemistry balanced, and your color looking vibrant. Plus, formulas like Total Results Color Obsessed Conditioner create a protective barrier around your strands to shield it from everyday wear-and-tear! Deep conditioning treatments with products like Redken Extreme Mega Mask can really help your color shine, but at the very least, you should use a professional-grade conditioner every time you shampoo.


Tip #4: Stay away from harsh elements

Sun-bleached strands? Bad for color. Frozen ends? Even worse. As the weather cools down for fall, it’s especially important to take extra precautions when protecting your ‘do. First rule? Don’t let your hair freeze. This is an important one. When strands freeze, cuticles expand, splitting your ends, drying out your mane, and most importantly, fading your color. How is color affected, you ask? Imagine a balloon. Uninflated, the color looks dark and rich, but once it expands, the pigment stretches and fades. The same rule applies to your hair—frozen cuticles yield faded color, so don’t go outside with wet strands!.


Want to keep your fall color really looking fabulous? In addition to heeding this advice, visit your SmartStyle stylist for even more color-extending tips and tricks.

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