Keeping it Low Key: Products for Men Who Don’t Want to Look Like They Use Product

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Gentlemen, we hear you. You want well-styled, good-looking hair, but you also don’t want to look like an ad for some over-the-top hair product. You know there’s no better look, really, than effortlessly-styled strands. So if you’re a guy who wants healthy, natural-looking hair—and let’s face it, who doesn’t?—try working these professional styling products into your morning routine to give you the low-key style you’re looking for.

Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Undone Texture Hairspray

Here’s a little secret: the key to wildly piecey, fantastically full, disheveled-yet-defined locks? It’s often a good texture spray. And Paul Mitchell INVISIBLEWEAR Undone might be the most understated of them all. If you want express texture, natural-looking volume, and effortless styling, this is the product for you. Liven your locks in just a few short sprays by targeting your roots as you muss up your mane.  Finish running your fingers through for a perfectly-imperfect natural look with tactical hold. 

Paul Mitchell Soft Sculpting Spray Gel

BREAKING NEWS: Paul Mitchell somehow managed to make one of the most proficient of styling products even more efficient. Introducing Paul Mitchell Soft Sculpting Gel, now in easy-spray form. This bottle means business. Need a body-boost? Lift your locks with ease. Craving a bit of flexibility? This gel’s got your back. Want soft, natural-looking style in a few seconds? Add one quick spritz to slay all day. Versatile enough to be used for any styling technique – yes, freezing, sculpting, molding and scrunching, too – this overachieving, easy-to-apply product even contains emollient conditioners to moisturize and repair your strands. Oh, and have we mentioned it’s a spray? Head into SmartStyle to grab yours today. 

Redken Brews Maneuver Cream Pomade

For everything from stick-straight strands to thick-and-luscious waves, a good hair wax is what you want for your ‘do. Redken Brews Maneuver Cream Pomade is new on the scene, but has been receiving glowing reviews. This fibrous, resinous wax defines and controls strands of all types, while the texture-amplifying thickening paste gives locks the boost they need to reach their full-bodied potential. Perfect for the clean, healthy, “lived-in” look, just a pea-sized amount can take your mane from “messy” to “managed” in just a few minutes. Ask for it at your next SmartStyle visit and see what all the hype is about.

DESIGNLINE For Men Matte Pomade

Most pomade products provide a combination of moisturizing, styling, texture-enhancing, and conditioning agents, making them fantastic multi-purpose styling formulas. The downside? Many of these products are anything but “subtle” – they often leave behind a thick, greasy, heavily-perfumed finish. To keep it natural, try DESIGNLINE for Men Matte Pomade. Simply emulsify a dime-sized amount of product between your palms before working fingers through wet or dry hair to separate the strands and define your look. Unlike some other pomades, this flexible formula leaves hair with a natural-looking matte finish, so you can skip the ‘50s greaser look. Oh, and another perk? It also protects locks from environmental damage. Grab yours today.


Like what you see? Drop by your local SmartStyle salon for even more tips and tricks on effortless styling and take home these products to try out yourself.

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