Just a Splash: Adding a Touch of Color to Your Hair

As summer reaches its peak, you may find yourself longing for a look as vibrant and bright as the colors around you—hues that reflect trendy pastel sundresses, cool aqua waves, and warm sunny rays. Here’s how to add a touch of these colors to your summer mane.


Right on hue

First things first: identifying the color trends. Pastels have been having a moment for the last few years, and it looks like this trend’s sticking around. Rather than the popular all-over treatments you’ve seen in the past, opt for subtle strands and washes to stay on trend. If all-over color is something you’ve been simply dying to try, consider metallic tones like brushed silver, rose gold, and brilliant bronze—the colors that have been flooding many a Pinterest feed lately.


Ageless tones

If “those colors look way too young for me” is echoing in the back of your mind, tune it out and play with new colors anyway. After all, if the youth of today can rock gray for style, why shouldn’t you go blue? The key to pulling off the look is to stay on the subtle side. Add a fun wash to your silver strands, pepper your ponytail with pastel color, or marble dark locks with darker blues for a totally trendy, stormy ‘do. Looking to go lighter? Consider a few well-placed highlights in muted blonde tones. Just steer clear of platinum bleaches and opt for more balanced blonde colors to mitigate peroxide damage for healthy, natural shine. Not ready to go bold? Ask your stylist to mix subtle color within your natural shade range and work your way up to more eye-catching hues.

Jewel color hair example
Embrace bold, new color this summer, like this smoky purple to quartz pink example. It was created by SmartStyle stylist Kristin G.   
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Sexy Hair Color Lock Hairspray
The sun's rays are one of the enemies of your perfectly colored locks. Fight back with a styling product like Sexy Hair Vibrant Sexy Hair Color Lock Hairspray.

Better shade, less fade

So, you’ve settled on a color. It’s bright, it’s cute, it’s subtle, it’s pastel. It looks downright incredible. One problem—it’s washing out. As gorgeous as these mermaid-esque colors are, they tragically aren’t mixed to last, and without proper TLC these next few weeks, you’ll be facing a battle attempting to maximize your hair color’s life, while minimizing the bleach damage it took to get you there. If you want to make the most of your new ‘do, you’re going to need to switch up your routine. Here’s how:


1. Less washing, less washout

Frequent shampoo cycles: subtle color’s greatest enemy. Summer is the season to skip shampoos, so make the most of it. A solid dry shampoo like DESIGNLINE Dry Shampoo can stretch your style into a day-two (or three) 'do.


2. Leave it to the pros

When your hair can no longer handle the grease and grime, gently cleanse with a professional-grade color-protecting formula like Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo, and rinse with cold water.


3. Protect your pigment

Once clean and ready-to-go, quickly towel dry, and mist with an SPF finishing spray like Sexy Hair Vibrant Sexy Hair Color Lock Hairspray to protect your locks from heat damage and UV fading. With any luck, you can rock your gorgeous pastel pigment all summer long.


Craving a little summer color? Talk to your SmartStyle stylist for professional product recommendations, color matching, and more. Stop by your salon today.

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