How to Get a Look You Love From Your Stylist

The art of communication is key when visiting a salon. As with any great conversation and exchange of information, more than just words make an experience successful. To ensure that you leave feeling wonderful about your new look, here are a few tips to help:


Common ground

Gather images or pictures of what you like, as well as the things you don’t like. This creates common ground with a visual and helpful discussion points for your look. If a stylist can “see” your vision or goal, good or bad, this is a tremendous plus. If you don’t arrive with pictures, looking through provided salon style books is another way to assist in sharing your vision.


Hair history

Recalling timelines from previous chemical applications can be extremely beneficial. When visiting a salon for a color or texture service, it is standard to be questioned on the specifics of any previous chemical treatments. This may seem intimidating, but your stylist is asking to better understand how a new chemical may react to what has previously altered your hair. The more accurate your information, the more predictable the end result and more satisfied you and your stylist will be.

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Having examples of looks you're interested in will help your stylist know what you're looking for. One easy way is to keep a Pinterest board with styles you love.

Personalized for you

Be open to suggestions, suited specifically to your hair. None of us like to hear the words “I’m not able to do that for you.” Nor is any stylist happy to deny you of your dream style, color, or cut. But hair texture, thickness, growth patterns, health, and previous chemicals are just some of the factors assessed before delving in to your look, and can affect what is possible to achieve. If your hair will not cooperate or be managed into the style you desire, your stylist wants to work out an option that leaves you feeling fabulous.


The tricky time question  

Come prepared to answer some lifestyle questions, too—how much time you’re able to spend styling your hair each morning, how many products you’re willing to use, etc. This may seem odd, but a tiny window into your daily routine provides your stylist with some insight as to the reality of the amount of daily maintenance you are willing to face. There is nothing worse than getting home and not being able to duplicate your look on your own.


As with all great conversations, each person contributes ideas, information, and expectations. This exchange between both parties leads to the most gratifying result. Following these guidelines will help you get the look you love.

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