Holiday Hair How-Tos

The hustle and bustle of holiday season means festive events and parties, and equally festive hair and outfits. While parties at this time of year tend to be more formal, don’t be intimidated by needing a more elegant look for a fancy party. Recent hair trends have been sleek and simple, making it do-able to create a special holiday look.


(Concerned about being able to pull off a special-event look alone? Your SmartStyle stylist can help you with tips, tricks, and styles that will work for you.)


Here are few of our favorite ideas for a party-perfect style.

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The Glamour Wave

What’s old is new again, and vintage looks are coming on strong. Think about the beauty of old Hollywood stars; their long hair smoothed into bouncy waves. Follow these steps to achieve a similar look to wear to your next party.


  1. Comb a side part into damp hair and apply a body boosting product like designline Volumizing Mousse.
  2. Blow dry for maximum volume.
  3. Once fully dry, spray on a smoothing heat protection product like designline Hot Stop Style Primer and curl hair with a 1-inch barrel curling iron—it’s the ideal size for creating big, voluminous waves.
  4. Starting at the top of the head, curl small sections in the same direction, so the ends curl inward.
  5. While still hot, roll up each curled section into a pin curl and use a bobby pin or clip to hold it in place.
  6. Once all the hair has been curled and the curls have fully cooled, remove the pins or or clips so the pin curls unravel.
  7. Gently brush them into place with a smoothing brush and apply a lightweight hairspray like Kenra Design Spray.
Wavy hair holiday look
Woman with a bun and braid hairstyle

Messy side bun with braid

Pretty party looks don’t have to be smooth and perfect. Sometimes a messy side bun is just the thing; especially when you had a little visual interest with a lovely, simple braid.


  1. Apply Blossom Jojoba Silky Volumizing Mousse to wet hair, and as you blow it dry, pull the hair up and away from the roots to give it more oomph.
  2. Create a pony tail with a small portion of hair one inch in from your earlobe so that there is a section of hair between the hairline and the pony tail. Braid and secure with a small elastic band.
  3. For volume and texture, sprinkle Blossom Peppermint & Tea Tree Dry Shampoo & Texturizing Powder at the roots, massage until powder disappears.
  4. Using a dense, coarse brush or fine tooth comb, back comb sections around the crown to create lift.
  5. Spray with Sexy Hair Play Dirty and scrunch the hair until you like the amount of volume. Choose random sections to tease with the same brush or comb for more texture.
  6. Take the braid and wrap it up and over your head, securing it with bobby pins.
  7. Gather hair into a pony tail positioned either high or low—whichever you prefer—then hold the hair loosely in one hand while you scrunch and tease the front portion until it has the texture and volume you like. As you tease and arrange, position the hair to disguise the ends of the braid.
  8. Gently twist the length while maintaining the volume and texture as you coil it into a bun shape, then tuck in bobby pins to hold it in place. To increase the messy factor, tug at different sections for a piece-y look, and scrunch for more texture and lift.
  9. Finish with Paul Mitchell Hold Me Tight Hairspray to hold it all together.

A sleek bun

When it comes to classic elegance, nothing compares to a smooth, sleek bun. Not only is it easy to create, it’s a versatile style that’s great for going straight from work to the party. Wrap it with a ribbon or tuck in a shimmery hairpin to make it especially festive.


  1. Apply designline Blow Dry Lotion to wet hair, blow dry.
  2. Apply designline Silk Drops to ends of the hair, staying away from the roots
  3. Pull into pony, using a paddle or boar bristle brush to smooth out any bumps, secure with an elastic band.
  4. Emulsify Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Styling Wax between your fingertips then run it through the pony tail to make your hair smooth and sleek.
  5. Separate the tail into two sections, twist one section and wrap into a bun around the base of the ponytail, secure it with bobby pins. Repeat with second section.
  6. Tame any fly-away hairs with more Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Styling Wax.
  7. Spritz on a medium-hold hairspray like Biolage Complete Control Hairspray to keep it all in place.


Spend some time practicing these styles before the day of the party—it’ll make getting ready easier and less stressful. And remember, the stylists at SmartStyle are always available to help you create a perfect holiday look if you don’t want to do it on your own.

Woman with a sleek bun
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