Helping Your Blowout Last

No matter if you're getting your hair cut-and-styled for a special event, or it's just your usual haircut, everyone loves how their hair looks leaving the salon. Make your style last longer with these easy tips.


And keep in mind, even if you blow-dry your own hair at home, a lot of these these tricks and advice are going to apply. Give them a try.  

The Next Day

Give your roots a boost. 

It’s tempting to break out the dry shampoo the day after a blowout, but hold off until the third or fourth day. Dry shampoo leaves starchy residue behind, which can actually shorten the life your style. Instead, sprtiz a light hold hairspray, such as DESIGNLINE Hold Everything Spray, on a paddle brush, flip hair over and brush your roots. You’ll get a volume boost without adding a lot of product to your hair.

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Day 3

Revive your blowout.

Day 3 is often when people give up and wash their hair. If you want to make your blowout last just a little longer, a dry texturing spray, like Paul Mitchell Awaupuhi Moisture Mist, can give limp locks more volume and structure, while making it look less oily.


Flip your hair over, spray from roots to ends and then use your fingers as a brush to distribute. Don’t overdo it—you don’t need much.

Day 4

Tame your mane. 

So you woke up looking like you spent the night in the wilderness. But before you reach for the shampoo—spritz your hair with water. This will re-activate the products already in your hair. Once dry, lightly mist your roots with dry shampoo to absorb any greasiness.


You may have to use a flatiron or curling iron to smooth out your hair and make it shiny. Try to only do a few passes with hot tools, as products can make hair crispy and heat will accentuate these results.  

Day 5

Time to wash. 

Your hair is most likely ready for a cleansing. Hit the shower with a deep cleaning shampoo—Biolage Normalizing Shampoo is one of our favorites. It's good for all hair types and will help clean up some of the product buildup from the previous days.  

Tips from the Pros

Avoid these common mistakes to get the most of your dry shampoo.


  • Steer clear of dry shampoos with talc at the top of the ingredients list. They can make hair look powdery. Look for silica as a leading ingredient instead.


  • Avoid using dry shampoo the day after a blowout. It can build up on hair and actually shorten the life of your blow-dry.


  • Let the dry shampoo absorb oil on your scalp for a minute before brushing through to remove excess powder.


  • If you have long hair, dry shampoo can be used on the lengths to separate curls and clumps. It’s not just for your roots.
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