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With cold days blowing in comes the seasonal dilemma: stay warm but risk hat hair, or feel teeth-chatteringly cold but keep your hair static-free and non-squashed? Here’s some good news: With a little work and the right products, you can conquer hat hair this winter.


Wash it right

Fighting hat hair starts well before you put the hat on—it begins in the shower. On cold dry days, use a gentle shampoo like DESIGNLINE Enchanted Midnight Shampoo that offers a little more moisture than you usually need. Because dry winter air draws moisture out of your hair, conditioner is a must. It closes the outside layer of the hair’s shaft, providing extra environmental protection which prevents static. After conditioning, rinse your hair with cool water. Even though hot water may feel good on your body, it strips away natural oils leaving your hair brittle, dry, and prone to frizz.

SmartStyle hair model with hat
Staying warm doesn't have to mean a day of flat, static-y hair.

Prep like a pro

Before blow drying, apply a professional leave-in primer like Redken Extreme Length Primer that has the multitasking power to add shine, detangle, and protect from hot tool damage. Then be sure to get hair completely dry—even a small amount of dampness can cause hair reshape and flatten itself under a hat. While you blow-dry, brush your hair up and away from the roots to build volume that help your hair from getting crushed under the weight of a hat. Layering in lightweight styling products like DESIGNLINE Dream Mousse will help maintain volume even under hat pressure. DESIGNLINE Volumizing Spray or a similar light aerosol hairspray at the roots will also give hair a little extra protection from going flat.


Pick a hat-friendly hair style

A sure-fire way to avoid the frizzy and flatness of hat hair is to choose a style that looks good when the hat is on or off. Twists, braids, and low buns, knots, and ponytails are all styles that are stylish under a hat, and still look great once it’s off. Ask your stylist to teach you how to create these easy and attractive styles.


Choose your fabric wisely

Avoid hats made with synthetic fabrics because they are likely to create static. Cotton or wool hats are much less likely to boost the static cling. Opt for loose and floppy hats that won’t smother and squeeze your hairstyle. If you want to wear a beanie or baseball hat, pick one with a looser fit so it won’t squish your style.


Reviving flat hat head

After you take off your hat, you can very easily bring the hair back to life. A dry shampoo like Biolage Clean and Full Dry Shampoo sprayed minimally at the scalp area can help hat-mashed hair bounce back to life.


Winter weather may make a hat necessary, but now you know how to look great while staying warm. Talk with your stylist about styles that will work with your hair length and flatter your face shape.

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