Halloween Hair Protection: Non-Scary Ways to Protect Everyone’s Costume Hair

Halloween is the holiday to cut loose and play with new hairstyles; however, one night of fun shouldn’t turn into a long-term hair disaster. Permanent damage is always a risk, even with temporary styles and products, but these helpful tips can help keep you and your family’s hair protected from Halloween horrors.


Color to dye for

Hair color can make or break a costume. Unfortunately, temporary dye can sometimes look not-so-temporary. Rule number one? Double—no, triple check the box before you apply anything to your strands. Some temporary dyes don’t wash out instantly. You may go days, weeks, or even months with your “temporary” tint, especially when it’s applied to bleached colors.  Rather than risking permanent pigmentation, opt for a less dicey product. Spray color works well for most hair types; however, it can also leave a residual tint behind after washing, especially on lighter shades. For easy, fun application (and removal) try hair chalk instead. Most brands are fairly inexpensive, and leave behind bold, fun, brilliant pigments on even the darkest shades.

Mom and daughter in Halloween costumes
Keep these few things in mind before you go all out for the perfect Halloween hair.
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Hot-tool horrors

Whether your costume requires stick-straight strands or big, bouncy curls, chances are you’ll be reaching for a hot tool or two to craft your costume hair. Before you put your strands to the iron, spritz them with a thermal protectant like Redken Pillow Proof Primer to stave off damage from sky-high temperatures.


Caution: using heated tools on damp hair can cause damage, plus it’s not going to set anyway. Be sure to start with bone-dry hair, or your strands might get burned.


A rat’s nest nightmare

Big hair is required for many costume looks, but too much teasing can tangle, stretch, and tear your mane. You can get sky-high volume without over-teasing with a root-plumping product like Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus to take strands to the sky. Once the festivities are finished, comb out your tangles with a quick spritz of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum and a Wet Brush or detangling comb.


No need to sweat the small stuff like styling. You can skirt the 'scaries' altogether with a quick trip to SmartStyle—we have all the products and services you need to make this Halloween the best-looking one yet.

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