Gifts to Give Your Hair


Take a moment from the hustle of the holidays to give your hair a gift of TLC. A little something extra today can have lasting results that you’ll love. Whether DIY or done by a professional, here are a handful of ways to give yourself great hair.


Go to a pro

Your SmartStyle salon has a variety of hair care treatments that make bring life and luster back to dull hair, protect against color fade, remove product buildup, and more. Your stylist will talk with you about your hair’s health and then customize a formula for just for you. The treatment doesn’t take long and it’s priced affordably so you can feel good about having it done.

SmartStyle guest getting a shampoo treatment

Try something new

How long ago was your last color or texture treatment? Too long ago to remember? Then it’s time to take a seat and get a touch-up or full-service treatment. Adding highlights, all-over color or smoothing-out curls will freshen up your look and make you feel confident.


Treat yourself

There are several professional treatment products designed for at-home use available at SmartStyle. Whether you want to treat dryness, increase hair strength or protect color, there is a spray, oil, or mask for you. And you can even find effective options in your kitchen cupboard. Coconut oil, for example, can defeat dryness and tame frizz. Used once a week or month, a restorative session with any one of these products can do wonders for your hair’s look and feel.


This holiday season, remember to gift yourself a little selfcare at home or at SmartStyle with a hair care treatment.

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