Getting Photo-Ready Hair for Summer Celebrations

Summer is here, and so are all the special events of the season: weddings, graduation, family reunions, and vacations. What’s the one thing that every one of those celebrations have in common? Photo opportunities! And lots of them. Is your hair photo- and selfie-ready for the event season? Check out these five stylist-recommended ways to look your best for all the upcoming formal and informal photo sessions.


Treat yourself

When going into the salon for your regular haircut visit, ask your stylist about intense hair treatments to boost the shine and condition of your hair. There are a variety of deep treatments that will help improve any hair issue, from shine and condition to volume and texture. And they only take 5 to 10 minutes—time your hair will thank you for.

woman with straight hair
DESIGNLINE Mend the Ends Sealer
Fight split ends and frizz with an end sealer, like DESIGNLINE Mend the Ends.

End split ends

Is your hair trapped in that frizzy and fuzzy zone? It might be split ends. While humidity is the root cause of frizz, split ends magnify the problem. Make sure you stylist is cleaning up all split ends—even if it means going a little shorter than normal—so your hair will look healthy and beautiful in pictures. DESIGNLINE Mend the Ends End Sealer gives additional protection, sealing the hair and helping to prevent future damage.


Styling lesson

The moments after your haircut is complete is the perfect opportunity to have your stylist show you how to create a photo-worthy finished look. Ask your stylist to talk you through the process so you can learn how to use professional styling products and tools to recreate the look.


Add some color

Freshen up your color or add in a few highlights to give dimension to your hair and create fantastic photos. Freshly applied color can add shine, body and sparkle to dull hair, and the dimension of highlights give the illusion of more volume and movement.


Take it home

Professional shampoo and daily conditioner will keep your hair primed and ready for a great style. And a good hairspray or gel can keep it all in place, all day long so you can feel confident your hair will look perfect even during spontaneous selfies. Ask your stylist to recommend products that will give your hair what it needs to look camera-ready at all your summer events.

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