Get More Style, Save More Time: 5-, 10-, and 20-Minute Styling Tips

In our fast-paced world, efficiency and budgeting of time is a way of life. Hair care follows this same trend. Making the most of your routine, with a few modifications, can be worth the effort. Here are a few tips to try when time is a consideration, yet looking good is a priority:


5 Minutes

For a quick fix, extend the life of your style beyond a one-day look by using a dry shampoo, like Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Shampoo. Unless you have an excessively oily scalp, daily shampooing with traditional water and cleansing products may not always be necessary. Lightly misting the hair and scalp with a waterless shampoo acts a bit like fabric freshener. Many dry shampoos eliminate environmental odors that often become trapped in the hair while keeping your style looking good.


To add additional volume to your hair, flip your head over, allowing hair to hang toward the floor. Apply a volumizing hair spray (we love Kenra Volume Spray 25) toward the scalp. This same technique can be used to apply a texturizing cream if more movement is desired. Once the product is applied, flip your head right side up and position hair into place.

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There are a wide variety of tips-and-tricks to keep your style looking fresh.

10 Minutes

If you have a few extra minutes, hair can easily be restyled and directed into a different look. Dampen your fingertips with water and work fingers at the scalp area. Using a blow dryer, redirect the hair in a position differing from earlier style. For example, a forward style can be directed away from the face to create a completely different look, using the dampened fingertip method.


If you have longer hair and would like to add volume and fullness, while saving time, place Velcro rollers in dry hair and mist with a thermal setting spray, like Sexy Hair Style 450 HD Headset Setting Spray. While showering (keep your hair dry with a shower cap), applying make-up, getting the kids ready for school, or changing clothes for an evening event, allow the thermal mist to dry and set. If you want to speed the drying, gently use a blow dryer to quickly set the hair around the rollers (heat first, then a quick cold shot). When the mist is dry and hair is cool to the touch, remove the rollers and run fingers through the hair to tousle.


20 Minutes

Restyling with a curling wand or flat iron can offer a variety of styles to already dried hair. Mist small sections of hair with a thermal setting spray. (Give Sexy Hair 450 Degree Heat Defense Hot Tool Spray a try.) Wrap small sections of hair around the wand. Alternating the direction of wrapped sections with the curling wand creates natural-looking waves. With a flat iron, adding a slight, soft bend at the very ends creates a polished, sophisticated edge. For both options, adorning the hair with pins, clips, or a chic headband can elevate the style to a classy, evening look.


With a few simple changes in your styling routine, valuable time can be saved while still creating on-trend looks to carry you through day and night.

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