Fresh New Looks for Spring and Summer

Cue the perfect poolside music, we’re gearing up for the sunny seasons, and this spring and summer, styles are getting fun. Last year may have focused on texture and lived-in, low-fuss looks, but this year it's all about stepping out of your comfort zone (not too far, though, we know you still want not-too-hard-to-pull-off looks for the hotter months) and trying new styles. From curtain bangs and sky-high ponytails to micro braids and macro blowouts, we’re bringing you this season’s trends to try.


Starting off with a bang

Yup. We said it. Bangs. And if that word triggers visions of pre-2000s curly, poofy waterfalls, please bear with us. Yes, traditional bangs can be a massive commitment, and no, they don’t work for everyone, but we’re not referring to pre-Y2K fringe. Short and wispy or long and elegant, we're talking curtain bangs and they're the bangs of today. Whether pinned up or left down, they look flattering on hair of all lengths.


Reach for the sky

Take a page from the pop-star playbook and pull your locks up high. Youthful high ponies are at the top of today’s trends to try—literally. Straight, wavy, kinky or curly, sky-high updos work with every hair texture and even elongate most facial features. So next time you're in a rush to get out the door, but still want to have a put-together look, give a high pony a try.

braided hair
This braided style with side-swept bangs shows off the perfect have-fun-with-it attitude that will be all the rage this spring and summer.

Little braids, big-time style

According to the runways, micro braids are set to be big this season. Whether strategically positioned under the hairline for volume or carefully constructed along parting for flair, keep your eyes peeled for itty-bitty plaits. With the right placement and styling, a few micro braids can give your daily look attitude. This style can be tricky, but you can work on your skills by practicing on friends and family. Not sure where to start? Ask one of our professionally-trained stylists to braid a look for you (take notes).


Blow it up (or out)

For the past few years, lived-in, low-fuss, air-dried styles have reigned supreme. But this spring and summer, it's time to make a scene when you go out on those balmy nights. Dust off that hairdryer; blowouts are back. And for maximum shine (and a faster dry time) apply a few pumps of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum before getting started. Remember to go from roots to ends, pointing your hairdryer along the direction of the strands to ensure a silky-smooth finish (remember to use a diffuser on textured hair). Pro tip: for added volume, begin blow-drying your hair upside down, teasing your roots with your fingers to make them stand tall.


Love these looks? We're here to help you make them your own. Head into your SmartStyle salon for the products and services you need to make your hair shine through the seasons.

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