Easy Summer Hair Fixes


Sun and surf (or even just the local swimming pool or tanning bed) can leave your summer hair feeling less than luxurious. But there are a few simple steps that can help keep summer hair looking stellar:



Healthy hair is moisturized hair. A leave-in conditioner can help prevent your scalp and hair from drying out. Think about adding a weekly deep-conditioning masque to your summer routine, too. Biolage Hydrasource Conditioning Balm is a great choice.


Sunscreen’s not just for skin

Stock up on moisturizing products that offer UV protection, such as Biolage Hydrasource Mask. This will help nurse your sun damaged hair back to health.


Smooth it out

Frizz getting you down? Summer’s a great time to try a smoothing product. We suggest DESIGNLINE Texture Frizz Liquid Primer.


Fight off fading

The sun’s rays can fade color before you know it. Use products designed for color-treated hair to keep your color vibrant, longer, like Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner.


Beat the heat

Don’t add to the summer’s hair-harassing heat and humidity by using heat styling and blow drying. Try braids, twists, and up-dos to give your hair a break.


Keep it trimmed

Summer is not the time to skimp on your regular haircut routine. Help keep frizz and split ends under control with frequent trims.

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Style Tip
Wet hair is prone to breaking. Never rub wet hair when you towel dry. Wrap your hair and squeeze out the excess water.
Style Tip

Trims, split ends, and why you shouldn’t wait too long between haircuts