Easy, Low-Maintenance Styles


The desire to look great with minimal effort is certainly top of the list for many. The beauty of choosing a classic style is how well it maintains a polished, put-together look, even as it grows between salon visits.


No matter if you choose to wear your hair in a longer, flowing style, a shorter, cropped look, or somewhere in between, your SmartStyle stylist can suggest and create the right style for you.

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Long Interior Layer

Cut: This classic longer hairstyle provides movement and softness throughout, while the layers help keep the length full and looking healthy.


Style: Try styling it with Redken Align-12 Smoothing Lotion.

Classic Bob

Cut: A traditional one-length cut that has both a bit of swing and an ease of maintenance. The back and sides appear the same length. It looks best cut to just the shoulder or shorter.


Style: Keep your Classic Bob looking great with Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray.

Classic A-Line Bob

Cut: A chic look featuring a shorter length in the back (nape) and longer length at the jaw line. Often called a swing bob, sling bob, angled bob, or inverted bob because of the visual line when viewed from the side.


Style: Using DESIGNLINE Soft Sculpting Glaze will help amp up the A-Line Bob.

Graduated A-Line Bob

Cut: This look has the same shorter back and longer front (jaw line area) as the Classic A-Line, however, there is more movement and texture throughout the style. Often called "stacked," this means that the hair doesn't lay as heavy or as sleek-looking as a Classic A-Line bob.


Style: Sexy Hair Get Layered Thickening Spray will help you get the most out of this cut.

Short Graduation Haircut
Cut: This classic style has many names: ladies’ short cut, women's fringe cut, or long pixie. A Short Graduation features short hair at the nape, or back hairline, and gets gradually longer with a soft fullness at the top, or crown. The sides can be customized to cover, or expose, the ear, and the front fringe, or bang, can be personalized to suit how you’d like to wear it. Just ask your stylist what’s look fits you best.
Style: A product like Paul Mitchell Awauphi Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray is a good fit for this cut.
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