Breeze into Summer:
Warm Weather Style Recommendations for Men

Summer: a time for backyard BBQs, weekend getaways, and working A/C. Not the time for high-maintenance hair. With ascending temperatures and profuse humidity, a simple style that’s simple to style might be just what you need to breeze though the season. From fashionable fades to contemporary crews to basic buzz-cuts, we’re giving you a shortcut to this season’s coolest summer cuts.


The pompadour fade

Want to feel the full brush of a cool, summer breeze while you casually run your fingers through your sun-kissed waves? Check out the pompadour fade. Perfect for those who crave style, but don’t have time to spend checking out the mirror, this reconditioned classic can completely transform a look in seconds. The contrasting line between shaved, and styled hair levels strategically divides the cut for minimal fuss, and maximum flow. Quickly style post-shower with DESIGNLINE FOR MEN Matte Pomande and blow dry for direction, to yield a fashionable, summer ‘do that holds all day, and through the night.

Hair model with dark brown hair
Stay cool this summer with a shorter style. Getting the perfect warm-weather look is easy at your local SmartStyle.
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The contemporary crew

Want undeniable clean-cut style without the extra lock load? Opt for an ever-so-slightly longer, disconnected haircut, with short-cut sides and a slightly cut-back quiff that can be styled at the crown. Essentially a modern-day crew cut, this effortless look’s short, top layers and closely-clipped sides can be quickly styled with just a dab of product like DESIGNLINE FOR MEN Fiber Paste to tamp down any wayward hairs before stepping out into the sunshine.


The basic buzz

Determined to once again prove to the other haircuts of the world that “less is more”, the buzz cut is an ode to all things effortless. Easy, breezy, and simple, the basic buzz is the perfect wash-and-go style to get you through the throes of summer. To maximize your summer time, try DESIGNLINE FOR MEN 2 IN 1 Shampoo + Body Wash for peak hair health and head-to-toe cleansing.


Short-and-simple or a-bit-longer-and-layered, there’s a cool, summer cut for everyone out there. Talk to one of our expert stylists for more easy, breezy, tips and tricks to find the perfect summer look for you.

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