Beyond the Clipper Cut: 4 Style Upgrades for Men

Conventional wisdom might say that men don't care all that much about their hair—a monthly haircut is about all they’ll invest to keep up their appearance. But, while some men maintain this “keep it simple” attitude, a growing population have moved toward a look that requires more time and energy. If you’re ready to change up your look or take a bit more time with a new hair style, here are a few ideas to talk over with your SmartStyle stylist.


Making waves

Over the past few years, curls have become increasingly popular among men. Like the look but weren’t born with natural wave or curl? It’s easy to add a loose curl or a light wave to give you the full-bodied style you want. Not only is it on-trend, but it’s also a creative way to give thin hair a thicker, more full-bodied feel. Daily styling is easy too—just work a little wax or pomade like DESIGNLINE Pliable Fixer Pomade into wet hair, comb it back, and let it air dry.

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Just relax

If you want to trade your natural curl and texture for something straight and smooth, you’re in luck. Curls and waves can be loosened and softened by your stylist with a curl relaxing treatment. Or for a more temporary change, smoothing and anti-frizz products like Style Link Smooth Setter can control texture.


Tame it

If you like the texture of your hair, but want a pesky cowlick put in place, talk with your stylist about a spot treatment. By changing just the cowlick’s natural texture with curls or a relaxer, those wild locks can be tamed. For added holding power, use a product like Redken Brews Stand Tough Firm Hold Gel every day.


Blend in

If you’re not ready for the white, silver, and gray hairs that are starting to appear, your stylist knows the trick to keep your youthful appearance. Using today’s sophisticated color treatment products, your stylist can disguise white and gray hairs with a very natural-looking color so that no one suspects you’ve dyed your hair. An ammonia-free demi-permanent color treatment will blend away the gray and then slowly wash out so that roots never show—it’ll be your best-kept secret. To ensure the longevity of your color treatment, use a daily shampoo and conditioner like DESIGNLINE Color Care that’s created for color-treated hair.


If it’s time to upgrade your look, talk with your SmartStyle stylist about the options that will work best with your hair color and texture.

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