Best Fall Styles for Men

From cooler temps to falling leaves, autumn is a time of change, and it’s a prime time for you to change up your hairstyle.



This year, hot looks for the cool season range from short and clean-cut to medium-length to longer with curls. But there’s no hard and fast rule or singular style—what matters most is what works for you. Next time you visit the salon, talk about the looks you like, your daily hair routine, and any likes or dislikes so your stylist can recommend hairstyle options that will suit you.

man with wavy hair
DESIGNLINE Olive Oil Leave In
As the weather cools, keeping your hair healthy and moisturized is even more important. Try a leave-in conditioner like this one from DESIGNLINE.


Once you settle on a cut, learning the best way to style your hair will keep you looking fresh and pulled together. If your hair is...


...Short on the sides and long on top, apply a small amount of a pomade like American Crew Pomade to dry or slightly damp hair, then comb into place.


...Medium length, spray a styling product like DESIGNLINE Texture Tousle onto dry or slightly damp hair, and run your hands through, or simply shake your head and go.


...Long and curly, apply a leave-in conditioner like DESIGNLINE Olive Oil Lite for long-term hydration. Apply one pump of DESIGNLINE Curl Lock Cream to your palm, then add a pea-size amount of DESIGNLINE Texture Balance Infusing Oil, rub hands together and apply throughout damp hair. Comb or run your fingers through and let dry. This product cocktail will eliminate frizz and keep curls defined, while hair stays moveable, not crunchy.


From subtle stubble to a short and tight beard, facial hair is very much in for fall, as long as it’s groomed well (and not shaggy or unruly).


While you’re in a SmartStyle Salon chair, ask your stylist to trim your facial hair and eyebrows. A quick waxing service cleans up any stray hair between the eyebrows and underneath the brows for a fresh, natural look.


Overall the best men’s look this fall is one that makes you feel confident, so work with your stylist to create a style that fits your lifestyle and comfort level.

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