The Benefits of a Conditioning Treatment


After several months of seasonal weather changes, it’s time to pamper your hair with a reconstructing conditioning treatment—an often a misunderstood and under-used secret to creating and maintaining beautiful, healthy hair.


Treatments v. regular conditioners

Reconstructing treatments differ from conditioners in their ability to penetrate into the hair and reconstruct from the inside out, with concentrated ingredients. Conditioners, meant to be used daily, are important for protecting and smoothing the hair externally, only addressing the surface and doing little to repair the structure of the strands.

woman getting her hair washed
Conditioning treatments can help create and maintain beautiful, healthy hair.

Inside and Out

When both internal and external hair needs are addressed, strength is restored, preventing breakage; moisture is balanced, providing soft, touchable hair; and the surface of the hair is smoothed, allowing light to reflect and creating healthy shine.


How often?

Reconstructing treatments, although often recommended once a month, will give the most noticeable difference when used more often. Talk to your SmartStyle stylist about what's the right frequency for your hair.


Make it customized

Your professional stylist can custom blend the best treatment to address your individual needs, adding shine, luster, and healthy radiance to your locks.

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