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Color Protection Hair Products
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We won’t sugarcoat it: a new hair style and a gorgeous new hair color comes with some responsibilities, especially if you want to keep it looking just-back-from-the-salon fresh for as long as possible. There’s the ever-present risk of fading and washout, and sometimes coloring your hair can even compromise its health. Variations in color processing, hair type, and treatment frequency can contribute to how your hair is affected in the process. To keep your color looking fresh and damage-free, it’s important to give your hair a little insurance policy. Here are a few top-rated professional color care products that can address hair concerns and keep your hue true.

designline Enchanted Midnight Shampoo & Conditioner

Fixes: Tangled tresses and post-dye dryness
Famous for: Silky-smooth brushing and luxurious shine

If you’ve colored your hair recently, you might have noticed a change in its texture. Your once silky-smooth strands may feel straw-like—dry, frizzy, and almost impossible to comb. Sound familiar? Your hair wants two things: a little extra TLC and designline Enchanted Midnight Shampoo and Conditioner. This lavish formula was dreamed up and concocted with hair-color lovers in mind. The gentle cleanser lifts hair of dirt and impurities, protecting the integrity of your color while the cream rinse nourishes strands with powerful nutrients to restore elasticity and shine. Those who use it say that it makes brushing a breeze and rave about its silky-smooth feel. It even has immaculate infusions of—wait for it—crushed black diamonds and pearl ash to compliment your color with light-catching luster. Let that sink in.

Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo

Fixes: Brassy discoloration on white, blonde, and silver hair
Famous for: Bringing out the best in blonde hair

Is your platinum mane looking more goldish-bronze? Are your baby-blonde highlights turning a bizarre shade of blorange? Fear not, bleached beauties—it happens to the best of us. But you can help banish discoloration with Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo. This violet-tinted formula dissolves brassy overtones to bring out the best in blonde, white, and silver hair—no appointment necessary. To clean up your color, swap out your traditional shampoo and lather up with the purple stuff two to three times a week. Once you’ve achieved your desired hue, decrease use as needed for maintenance. With proper application, one bottle can go a long way, so pick one up at your next visit.

Redken Color Extend Shampoo & Conditioner

Fixes: Dull, unsaturated, and cloudy color
Famous for: Color extension and multidimensional shine

Color Care 101: leave nothing to chance. You’ve seen drugstore brands carry color-protecting products, but should you really trust your professional color service with a bottle of floral shampoo? Hair color is an investment, so give it a good insurance policy like Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner. Celebrated for its aid in color retention, this award-winning lather gently cleanses, protects, and polishes hair. Its powerful micro-net technology coats each strand with fade-fighting protection and shields hair from the harmful chemicals and minerals in tap water—the kind that can compromise new color. Still not convinced? UVA and UVB filters act as a security system to lock pigment in and color aggressors out, keeping touch-up appointments at bay a little longer—or at least until your roots grow out. Give your hair (and your wallet) some peace of mind and pick yours up at SmartStyle.

Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo & Conditioner

Fixes: Color damage and dryness from warm-weather fun
Famous for: Pitting the power of plants against the effects of the sun

Dear Mr. Sun, we love you, but don’t touch the hair. Sure, some women may love a UV-aided highlighting treatment, but color-serviced hair can be a different story. For those with dark or dramatic colored locks, the summer tan isn’t worth the cost. Luckily, Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo and Conditioner are here to ensure your hair doesn’t pay the price. This plant-based formula fights all factors of fading, from UV bleaching and pool chemicals, to frequent washes and time. Natural ingredients like sunflower extract replenish strands with moisture, strength, and shine, fighting the factors of fading from one wash to the next. Oh, and the best part? It’s gentle enough on dye for daily use, so there’s no need to skip washes—you can swim, sweat, and play in the sun every day.

Total Results Brass Off Shampoo & Conditioner

Fixes: Warm tones on cool-colored brunettes
Famous for: Keeping brunettes looking cool

Cool hair colors are cool… until they’re not. But platinum pigments aren’t the only shades at risk, unwanted warm tones can affect brunettes, too. For years, blondes have had purple shampoo to keep the brass at bay, and now brunettes have a color solution for them, too—it’s blue! Say hello to Total Results Brass Off: a professional salon two-step clarifying system designed with brunettes in mind. It works a lot like purple shampoo, but the blue-violet pigments in this shampoo and conditioner balance warm tones and neutralize brassy colors in the process. These will gradually deposit these pigments with every use, so you can lather, rinse, and repeat your way to protecting the cool colors you love.

Biolage Colorlast Color-Safe Shampoo & Conditioner

Fixes: Discoloration and damage
Famous for: Keeping hues true

The best way to protect your color? Following up with the right products at home. Professional salon treatments call for salon-professional products, but if you’re constantly changing your hair you’ll need a universal formula that won’t break the bank, like Biolage Colorlast Color-Safe Shampoo and Conditioner. One of our best-selling products, this paraben-free, low PH formula seals the pigments within your strands and helps repair cuticles from color treatment damage. Inspired by nature’s fade-defying orchid, its active ingredients work to boost and fortify the strength of each shade to help your color stay salon fresh. And because it’s paraben-free, it works on both color-treated and non-color-treated hair.

Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo & Conditioner

Fixes: Bright color washout and fading
Famous for: Top-notch color retention (even on dramatic dyes)

So, you finally went for it. It’s vibrant, it’s dramatic, it’s different—it’s a bold hair color. Now that you have it, you love it, but how do you plan on keeping it? After all, the brighter and bolder the pigment, the harder it can be to maintain. If you don’t want your fun, new hue swirling down the drain, cut sulfates from your defense squad (they strip your hair of necessary moisture and fade your color fast). Sulfate-free shampoos like Redken Color Magnetics are formulated without drying ingredients, which make them perfect to use on brighter hues. Even better, its RCT protein complex treats the root, core, and tip to repair strands and seal color to the fibers, all while gently cleansing and moisturizing your hair’s health and vibrancy. Don't forget to add in the conditioner for a color-safe duo your bold new hair will love.

Want to keep your newly colored locks looking fabulous for as long as possible? It just takes the right color-protection routine and products. So give these a try—and be sure to ask your SmartStyle stylist if they have any recommendations based on your specific hair type, color service, and style.

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